Stress-Free Responsive eLearning: 3 Examples Of Responsive eLearning Built With Elucidat

Stress-Free Responsive eLearning: 3 Examples Of Responsive eLearning Built With Elucidat
Summary: If you are stuck delivering desktop-only eLearning, you are ignoring the needs and wants of modern learners. In this article I will share 3 examples of companies using Elucidat to build interactive responsive eLearning that learners actually want to consume.

3 Examples Of Stress-Free Responsive eLearning 

Here are 3 great examples of how to create stress-free, interactive responsive eLearning with Elucidat:

1. Open University: To Lie Or Not To Lie?

Open University’s To Lie Or Not To Lie lets learners analyze their own moral compasses by placing them in non linear scenarios that vary from the Lewinsky affair to the Bloodgate scandal.


Why we like it: 

  • Interactive, engaging, and entertaining.
  • Good use of touch-screen capabilities to enhance usability.
  • Great use of relevant images and videos –rather then text– to explain ideas and concepts.

Visit eLearning: Open University: To Lie Or Not To Lie?

2. Marshall ACM: Be Smart, Be Safe.

A brilliant personal safety project for Barnado's from Marshall ACM – the leading eLearning consultancy for online diversity and safeguarding training.


Why we like it: 

  • Clickable regions makes it easy to browse on mobile devices.
  • Menu enables seamless navigation between different pieces of content.
  • Good use of HTML5 technology to ensure multimedia content is optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

Visit eLearning: Marshall ACM: Be Smart, Be Safe

3. Delphi: Counterperson “Fuel” Training.

An engaging, mobile friendly course for Delphi –a global supplier of vehicle technology– created by Elucidat’s US partner, Learning Evolution.


Why we like it:

  • Good example of a responsive eLearning template – Delphi can reuse this theme to build multiple modules quickly (learn more about Elucidat themes).
  • Simple learning design allows the user to control how much – or how little – they want to learn.
  • Built with HTML5; ensures the video and audio files are mobile friendly.

Visit eLearning: Delphi: Counterperson “Fuel” Training

Why Companies, Training Providers And Publishers Use Elucidat To Create Responsive eLearning 

  1. Faster to create.
    Author once and deliver beautiful looking content to all devices. Use Elucidat’s responsive slider to quickly test and customize how your eLearning looks on mobile and tablet screens.
  2. Faster to publish.
    Quickly publish courses online or export to an LMS with one click (supports SCORM, Tin Can (xAPI) & MOOC).
  3. Faster to maintain.
    Rapid release technology makes it easy to quickly update one version of your eLearning and see the changes delivered to instantly to your course.

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