The Effective Use Of Learning Management Systems To Automate The Employee Onboarding Process

Automating The Employee Onboarding Process With A Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) provide the organizations with a platform to keep their workforce updated on the company’s policies and regulations. In today’s ever-evolving digital world, getting new employees to work more efficiently in the workplace is becoming more important than ever. An effective online onboarding program helps streamline the workforce through a continuous process which will make them more productive. Many organizations fail to engage and retain the new hires because they lack adopting an effective onboarding strategy. An LMS can provide a comprehensive onboarding program that improves employees’ relations with the organization. Several organizations use online learning platforms to create, provide and monitor end-to-end onboarding sessions.

Why Is An Employee Onboarding Process Essential?

New hire training has proved to be a crucial aspect when it comes to getting lucrative outcomes. A plethora of benefits of an employee’s onboarding program are outlined here:

1. Reduces Workforce Ramp-Up Time

A successful employee onboarding process helps wane the time taken by a new hire to effectively contribute towards the success of the organization. This leads to a decrease in time to reach higher business productivity, achieve better collaboration, and perform better.

2. Develops A Multimodal Process

New hires can attend online training, which is a blend of mentoring and performance management. Adopting a pull modality approach in which new employees can access various learning assets and seek expert advice whenever required creates the foundation for engaged learning.

3. Boosts Engagement & Retention

When new hires attend an online onboarding program, their chances to engage with the workplace also increase. As per the research, employees are 60% more likely to retain for more than three years when a structured onboarding program is delivered [1].

Role Of Learning Technology In Onboarding: Automate The Process

Onboarding process excites new hires about their new job roles and responsibilities. Therefore, it should be interactive and aligned well with the job each employee is hired for. A powerful e-learning platform is used to deploy a successful onboarding program to serve the following benefits:

  • Online learning software allows learners to access relevant content whenever they need it. It also manages to keep learners on track so that they can ramp-up with the organization as early as possible.
  • An LMS helps to assess learners’ individual performance during the entire onboarding program, thereby building a better connection between learning and performance.
  • Using an online platform, organizations easily deliver courses to the employees spread across different demographics. It helps the learners to consume new course modules on their own devices from laptops and desktops to smartphones and tablets.
  • An LMS also imparts detailed information on the company’s policies, culture, compliances, and more. It places different forms of medical benefits, insurance policies, leave details, and more. Consequently, these forms help to simplify the process of conveying information without any hassle of going anywhere.

In today’s digital scenario, automation of the employee onboarding process thrives employees towards success. Let us explore some ways to automate the onboarding program using learning technology:

Reduced Paperwork

Employee data is collected during the pre-boarding process to formalize the employee-company relationship. Using integrated automation tool, information is gathered during the hiring stage and online documents are directly provided to the new hires. Through automated tracking, the system is notified when the new hire is finished with the paperwork.

Reminders & Alerts

Technology provides a platform for modern learners to communicate through messages at the point of need. For instance, a quick welcome message from the company’s CEO can certainly boost the confidence among the new hire to accept the job offer over other competitors.

Timely Acknowledgments

Automating the onboarding process through LMS helps to create and disseminate instant acknowledgments from the learners that they have gone through the policies and understood them well.

Intra-Boarding Experience

Sometimes, employees switch their department in the same organization, work with a different team and a different manager. Intra-onboarding helps such employees through paperwork, training, and performance assessment so that they can perform better in their new job role.

As per the study by Harvard Business Review, the turnover rate among new hires leads to 23% in their first year after joining because of their poor onboarding experience. The optimum use of an LMS to automate the onboarding process helps to enhance employee engagement, overall productivity, and encourage long-term retention. Therefore, it is significant for the organizations to deliver a highly engaging and effective onboarding experience, to drive the success of the organization and stay ahead of the curve.

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[1] Why Onboarding That New Hire Will Increase Your Bottom Line

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