The Benefits A NextGen LMS Could Bring To The Employee Onboarding Process

The Benefits A NextGen LMS Could Bring To The Employee Onboarding Process
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Summary: Learning technology is on the move, and many Learning Management Systems (LMS) are simply not keeping up. We take a look at the impact NextGen LMSs are having on businesses, and how they can help the employee onboarding process.

How A NextGen LMS Can Benefit The Employee Onboarding Process

The employee onboarding process exists to make a positive, long-lasting impression on new hires and get them ready and excited to work for the organization. High turnovers are costly to businesses, therefore it’s extremely important to impress new starters straight away.

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Many L&D teams seem to insist on overloading new starters with too much information all at once. However, this is proving to become inefficient and costly, as it fails to give workers the right first impression, or even an accurate understanding of the organization and where they fit in.

Many businesses now rely on their Learning Management Systems (LMS) to support them through the employee onboarding process, however many are still falling short because they fail to keep up with the demands of workers and advancements of technology. That’s where a Next-Generation LMS comes into play.

What Is A NextGen LMS?

In recent years, we have seen technology advance extremely quickly, and the role of learning in the workplace has shifted to workers taking control of their own learning and no longer expecting to wait for the answers they need.

As workers get smarter, so should learning technology. The next generation of learning platforms is here to support your employee onboarding process by addressing the real-life problems and solutions your workers require.

NextGen LMSs are flexible, user-focused, and data-driven. They go beyond the regular LMS by simplifying the learning process and putting workers in the front seat.

How A NextGen LMS Supports Onboarding

NextGen LMSs are designed with the user in mind. By reimagining learning this way and focusing on the User Experience, let's take a look at some of the ways a NextGen LMS can support your organization’s employee onboarding process:

1. It Saves Time And Money

NextGen LMSs are accessible on-demand and on a range of devices, meaning the learning experience is no longer bound to a desk and can be accessed worldwide. This saves the organization valuable money; no more transportation costs, paperwork, instructor costs, or making workers take unnecessary time out of the working day to travel or be away to ‘learn’.

By offering personalized learning experiences that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, new starters aren’t limited to when and where they can learn. You can start training your new starters before they’ve even walked into the office, and there’s no limit to the amount of content you can add, allowing you to serve a range of initiatives at once.

eLearning is also significantly more convenient than traditional classroom training. Digital resources are proven to have much higher engagement rates than classroom training, so your ROI will be significantly better as more workers take control of their own learning. Your employee onboarding process will be far quicker than waiting for a time that suits everyone for face-to-face training, which will save your organization a lot of money in the long-term; with both turnover costs and productivity.

2. It Decreases Turnover

The employee onboarding process is the first impression your new starter has of the organization, which is why it is so important to ensure that you give them a positive experience that they’ll remember. As well as focusing on getting new starters up-to-speed and at the required skill level, your onboarding also needs to make sure they like the company, or they’ll just take those new skills elsewhere. A NextGen LMS is user-centered and built for its learners. It focuses on being a base that allows workers to learn when they need, not just when the organization tells them to.

3. It Offers Personalized Content

If your onboarding is really going to make an impact, it needs to focus on addressing the real needs and challenges faced by your new starters. NextGen LMSs put workers in charge of their own learning and gives them the information they really want to know at their point-of-need. It doesn’t focus on delivering generic courses or content-dumping. Instead, it offers digital resources built to help workers do their jobs better and faster.

4. It Provides Digestible Chunks Of Information

Onboarding can be overwhelming for new starters, understandably. There’s so much they still need to learn so it’s important to manage this in a way that’s beneficial to your workers as well as the organization. NextGen LMSs give workers the information that they need without forcing it all on them on day one. New starters can digest at their own pace, rather than forget everything after the first day. From who-is-who in the company, to dress codes, you can keep this useful information accessible to them to offer a permanent bank of support as and when they need it.

5. It Makes It Quick And Easy To Update Information, And Keep It Relevant

It’s understandable to assume creating learning content will be extremely time consuming and difficult to do. However, digital resources make it easier than ever to create useful content that addresses your workers real-time challenges. As your practices and policies change, so can your resources. NextGen LMSs help everyone within the organization to remain up-to-date and given the correct information. Support your employee onboarding process by ensuring your new starters are given the correct information; no more waiting around for updated handbooks or keeping employees out of the loop.

6. Data-Driven

NextGen LMSs are driven by data, making it easier than ever for L&D teams to measure the success of the onboarding programs and see what is or isn't working. When we mention data, we don’t mean standard reporting tools that most regular LMSs offer. Reporting on a NextGen should be actionable. It should relate directly to your objectives and give clarity, not just graphs. It helps L&D teams to constantly improve and deliver the best possible onboarding for new starters to set them up for success quickly and efficiently.

As you can see, NextGen LMSs are the future of learning, and the impact they can have on your employee onboarding process is huge. Give your new starters the tools they need to succeed within your organization with a learning platform built for your workers, rather than an average LMS.