6 Essential Regulatory Compliance Training Resources To Provide In Your Compliance Training LMS

6 Vital Regulatory Compliance Training Resources
Summary: The reason many compliance online courses are ineffective is that they’re too theoretical. What resources can be employed to bring these sessions closer to our lived experience?

Must-Have Resources For Your Employee Training Strategy

You could say compliance training has two broad aims: to prevent physical harm and to avoid financial damage. It can seem—to the employee—that the latter is more important. Because even when the training is geared toward safety, the effects are measured in dollars and cents. Employees will be taught about the fines, the risk of time off work, and the potential property pain points. If employees can see that complying is for their own benefit, they may be more committed. What regulatory compliance training resources can you use to teach these lessons?

eBook Release: Mitigating Risks In The Modern Corporate World: Your Guide To Investing In A Compliance Training LMS
eBook Release
Mitigating Risks In The Modern Corporate World: Your Guide To Investing In A Compliance Training LMS
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6 Essential Regulatory Compliance Training Resources To Provide In Your Compliance Training LMS

1. Pictorial Presentations

They speak a thousand words but take up a lot less space. Insurance ads generally employ fear as a tool, so their visuals show the scariest possible outcome. Build an archive of informative posters. They should be straight and to-the-point, with arresting imagery. Except that I recommend using humor instead of horror. Forget car crash scenes with broken glass and red-stained streets. Instead, have the car ram into a bakery window. Have kids drooling as they strain against their mums for free goodies. The text accompanying the poster could be bullet points on driver safety for your distribution team. It’s a memorable image, and the message will certainly sink in. Especially for JIT support before relicensing your delivery truck drivers or bike couriers.

2. Decision-Making Demos

It’s one thing to tell your staff they shouldn’t do ABC. It’s another thing to empower them to make the right choice. For example, flirting with a client could lead to fraternization…or sexual harassment. But it can be hard to discourage a pursuer without losing the account. Give your employees lots of varied regulatory compliance training simulations to help. They should be short, light, casual episodes, like branching scenarios or in-game simulations. When the character finds themselves in an awkward spot, screen prompts can offer wording choices.

You can also develop an online training template of scripts they can run through in tight corners. They could, for example, have a work buddy on speed dial. Their buddy knows that if they receive a pocket dial, they should immediately hang up and call back. Or have a safe word that voice-activates their phone to ring. Both scenarios give your employee an out to excuse themselves and physically disengage, allowing them to flee and/or think more clearly. These simulations and scripts for regulatory compliance training should be marked up with metadata for easy access in work emergencies.

3. Cheat Sheets

TL, DR (too long, didn’t read) is a very useful online technique. It summarizes longer swathes of text into a sound-bite that’s easier to recall. Create similar cheat sheets for your employees. They should be compressed enough that they can fit on their phones. Each "emergency tip" will have a shortcut that can pass compliance codes and avoid regulatory compliance violations. Lay it out as 5-second or 5-minute so they can pick what works. Enable the system with notifications. If they grab the 5-second take-away, they’ll receive phone alerts to follow up with a more thorough solution. For example, the 5-second solution might walk them through how to quickly deal with a safety hazard. While the 5-minute solution explores how to clean up a more serious spill when toxic chemicals are involved.

4. Memory-Refresher Podcasts

Use your compliance training LMS to produce brief podcasts that recap rules and regulations that pertain to each department or job position. For example, one episode might explore OSHA guidelines for your warehouse team. While another might deal with proper handling procedures for your food prep staff. Compile these podcasts in a library that’s easily accessible so that every member of your team can quickly refresh their memory. Just make sure they focus on a single topic or idea and are under 5 minutes to avoid overload.

5. Serious Games That Impart Related Skills

Many regulatory compliance training topics aren’t just tied to tasks or memorizing the rules. It’s about applying certain skills to resolve an issue or avoid a potentially dangerous—or fine-incurring—situation. Impart these crucial abilities with serious games that help employees identify gaps and bridge them in an engaging way. For example, they develop their communication abilities by interacting with virtual job candidates. As a result, your HR staff is better equipped to deal with potential compliance issues that may arise during the interviewing process.

6. Real-World Examples That Drive The Point Home

Real-world examples or anecdotes stress the importance of regulatory compliance training and highlight the repercussions. Employees can see how a seemingly simple mistake can lead to a litany of fees and diminished credibility. For example, the character in the story takes a bribe or doesn’t wear the federally mandated safety gear. The domino effect is highlighted step by step so that employees know how their actions result in real-world consequences.

The key advantage of investing in a regulatory compliance training LMS is the ability to self-generate content at a moment’s notice. You can use your compliance training LMS to design online courses and to create contextual libraries of regulatory compliance training resources. What kinds of items should be inside that online training library? A series of light-hearted but informative "movie posters" listing tips on compliance. Little exercises and simulations to practice making compliance decisions under pressure. Cheat sheets that offer shortcuts and long paths to regulation keeping. They come with reminders to finish the process and tie off loose ends.

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