9 Features To Look For In Your Sales Training LMS To Boost ROI

9 Features To Look For In Your Sales Training LMS To Boost ROI
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Summary: Your team is on the go and possibly scattered around the globe, but they shouldn't have to sacrifice ongoing support. A sales training LMS gives you the power to deploy and track team performance.

Which Features Should You Look For In Your New Sales Training LMS?

How do you find the right tool for the sales training task? Which functions should you consider to get max value for money? Let's deep-dive into core sales training platform features every organization should look for, as well as how these key selling points benefit your bottom line and boost retention.

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9 Must-Have Sales Training LMS Features

1. Reporting Dashboards

Managers need clear insights into how employees and partners are using your training program to fill gaps and expand their knowledge base. Thus, you need reporting dashboards to track user activities, for example, engagement metrics and course completion stats. These reports also allow instructors and facilitators to fine-tune their strategy by identifying patterns and trends. A tie-in feature to add to your checklist is customizable reports that enable you to track specific KPIs or performance metrics.

2. Learning Plans

Every employee and external partner should have an individualized training plan to follow that aligns with their goals and areas of expertise. This feature allows you to auto-assign learning programs based on their previous online training activity. For instance, the system recommends relevant certifications or modules because their customer service assessment scores were low or a branching scenario revealed a crucial skill gap.

3. Personalized Learner Home Page

Personalized home pages ensure that every sales rep gets a custom-tailored training experience. It should also feature drag-and-drop widgets so that they can track what matters most to them and stay updated on the latest training resources. Another perk of these personalized dashboards is that employees and partners can view their completed, pending, and recommended courses, as well as their gamification badges.

4. Badges And Leaderboards

Some staffers need extra motivation to stay on course and achieve their goals. Gamification features give them the opportunity to share badges and move up the leaderboard. This also ignites friendly competition so that their peers pursue new training paths (for bragging rights). First and foremost, it's a great way for sales reps to track their own progress autonomously and identify gaps discreetly.

5. Just-In-Time Learning With Job Aids

There are times when external sales teams and in-house employees are looking for a little knowledge refresher versus a comprehensive course. JIT libraries and job aids make it easy for them to quickly brush up on skills or reinforce knowledge anytime, anywhere, without having to enroll in courses or certification paths. Thus, they're able to expand their professional expertise on the spot and contribute even more to the team. For example, they don't have to wait until the next live event or ILT session to figure out how to perform the task or answer a relatively simple customer question.

6. Offline Learning

Sales reps should be able to have a seamless learning experience, even if they need to venture offline. For example, the Adobe Captivate Prime app allows them to download online training content to complete whenever time permits, then the system auto-syncs with the servers when they come back online. As such, they don't have to worry about remote client meetings or long commutes disrupting their L&D.

7. Recurring Certifications

Schedule recurring certifications so that employees and partners are always up-to-date and compliant. For example, their soft skills certification is about to lapse or they need to refresh their company policy know-how to avoid breaches. This is ideal for sales reps because they get notifications when it's time to renew instead of letting their certifications lapse and putting your company at risk. Another factor to consider is that external partners represent your brand. Thus, they need to reflect your image and align their behaviors with your corporate message. Certifications help you verify which reps are up to par and which need additional support to hit monthly targets and deliver stellar service.

8. Supports Multiple Languages

Your new sales training LMS needs to be accessible for everyone on your team, regardless of their geographical location or background. Therefore, you must look for platforms with multi-language support. Preferably, one that also allows them to choose the delivery format that suits them best. For instance, there are virtual training, JIT, and ILT training opportunities available in their native language. The system should detect their locale and then adjust the content based on their needs, as well as give them the chance to change languages. As an example, they still need the English version of your sales training course when they travel to Spain for a convention.

9. Skill-Based Learning

Closing skill gaps quickly is essential for business success. Skill-based learning features help your team build new talents and track their overall development. You can also ensure that your online training program aligns with objectives and KPIs. This is particularly important for qualitative performance that is more challenging to measure in online training environments. For instance, use simulations or branching scenarios to not only evaluate employees' skills but know but how well they apply them in the real world.


Ultimately, you need a sales training LMS that offers the total package, instead of having to compromise when it comes to features and functionality. Adobe Captivate Prime has every item on your LMS shopping list for sales and partner training. It's also ideal for other L&D initiatives, such as customer training and upskilling and reskilling.

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