7 Ways To Find A Sales Online Training Content Provider

7 Ways To Find A Sales Online Training eLearning Content Provider
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Summary: The right sales online training content provider knows your spending limits and works with you to achieve L&D objectives without cutting corners. How do you find the perfect outsourcing partner for your organization?

How To Find A Sales Online Training Content Provider

Outsourcing is often nerve-racking for businesses with tight budgets. There’s a multitude of things that can go wrong. From losing control of the timeline to overspending. However, the right eLearning content provider helps you minimize the risks and appease your concerns. They offer a targeted list of solutions and specialize in your niche. But how do you know which outsourcing company will become a long-term collaborator if your crystal ball’s in the shop? Is there a way to vet vendors quickly and cost-effectively? Here are some insider secrets to find a sales online training content provider for your SMB.

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1. Online Directory

An online directory is a great starting point because it offers a general overview of the top vendors in your niche. The secret is to find a trustworthy site that’s free of paid reviews and ratings. Outsourcing partners provide their background info and outline the online training solutions they offer. But their involvement should stop there. No sponsored opinions or testimonials to sway your decision. Look for directories with built-in filters to speed up the search. For example, you can quickly identify which vendors specialize in your industry and sales online training.

2. Social Media Groups

There are social media groups dedicated to online training solutions and tips. So, ask for their advice or see if they have an established list of top online training solution eLearning content providers. You can also post your basic requirements. For instance, your price range, project scope, and which online training activities you need. That way, group members have a better idea of your use case before making their suggestions.

3. User Reviews And Ratings

Most organizations can’t afford to hire multiple online training solutions eLearning content providers to 'see how things go.' You need to find the best company for the job the first time around because that’s all your budget allows. User reviews give you a firsthand perspective without having to experience the buyer’s regret for yourself. Did the vendor maintain open lines of communication? Did they deliver high-quality work? How was the customer service? There’s no such thing as perfection. But user reviews can help you find the best eLearning content provider for your organization and get top value for money.

4. Personal Recommendations

There are several ways to obtain personal recommendations from your network. Firstly, ask your in-house team about sales online training providers they’ve worked with in the past. How was the experience? Was the company responsive and communicative? Another option is to join online discussions and ask for their input. This allows you to cast the net wide so that you can expand your shortlist. Lastly, attend live eLearning events or trade shows to get personalized recommendations.

5. Sample eLearning Projects

Sample eLearning projects should be reserved for the end of the vetting process. When you’ve narrowed the choice to 2 or 3 top solutions and need a tie-breaker. For example, multiple companies have everything on your wish list. They specialize in your niche and work within your price range. But does their team play nice with others? Will they adhere to the deadlines? Their portfolio is impressive. However, can they create online training content that aligns with your brand image? Pay for test eLearning projects and judge them all based on the same evaluation criteria. Get your team involved so that they can analyze their portion of the project. For instance, your graphic designer scopes out the aesthetics. While SMEs evaluate the accuracy and information delivery method.

6. One-On-One Interviews

Set up an interview with your top candidates to get to know them on a semi-personal level. Of course, this isn’t the time to start talking about your love lives or vacation plans. But these meet and greets do give you the opportunity to avoid personality conflicts and ensure your work practices mesh. You can also ask the tough questions regarding pricing, contractual obligations, and the eLearning project timeframe. One-on-one interviews can be helpful for outsourcing customization, as well. You may only need a few deliverables versus a comprehensive sales online training course. In this case, you can discuss the eLearning project parameters with the vendor and explore your options. Armed with new information, they’re able to give you a more accurate estimate based on your specific requirements. Instead of a general quote that includes things you really don’t need or can’t afford.

7. Online Training Solutions Comparison

Every directory listing should feature a list of online training solutions the company offers. For example, they can help you develop microlearning support tools for your sales online training course. Or VR activities to immerse employees in compliance situations and build real-world experience. Your final decision may boil down to this comprehensive list because you need an outsourcing partner who’s in it for the long-haul. A company that not only meets your online training needs now but in the near future. Are they able to redefine your online training objectives and conduct a Training Needs Analysis? Can you rely on them to convert online training content? What about translation or dubbing if you decide to go global or localize your sales online training resources? Don’t just consider your current online training goals when choosing an eLearning content provider. Otherwise, you may have to go through this entire process again for the next outsourcing eLearning project.

Unfortunately, choosing the best sales online training content providers does require some virtual legwork. Even if you’ve worked with a vendor in the past, they may be unavailable. Or your requirements have simply changed since the last project. Use an online directory to help guide the search then follow up with ratings, reviews, and recommendations. But all the effort will pay off when you find an outsourcing partner that widens your profit margin and boosts employee participation.

As a general rule, your sales team should be well-rounded. Is a new sales online training course worth the investment? Download the eBook Skyrocket Sales On A Global Scale: How To Launch A Successful Sales Online Training Program In Your Organization and get to know how to launch, enhance and retain successful programs in your organization.