Free eBook: How To Deliver And Prove The Business Value Of Your eLearning

Delivering And Proving The Business Value Of Your eLearning

The digital revolution has driven a faster pace of business, bringing constant changes, a need to adapt, and volatility. Ironically, top talent and leadership capabilities are needed now more than ever, with reports of shortages across many industries. With workforces increasingly scattered across different locations, there’s an increasing need for technology to play its part in uniting and supporting teams to perform, develop, and grow. Amidst this challenging backdrop, how can Learning and Development teams and training providers ensure they not only keep up with the needs of businesses and consumer-like learners, but also prove that what they do works? How To Deliver And Prove The Business Value Of Your eLearning gives you some simple ideas to help you develop strategies that align real business needs with your learning. It also shows you how to use data and dashboards to keep track of learner performance and outcomes.

By better understanding your learners, you can be in a better position to deliver and prove the business value of your learning.

Who Is This eBook For?

How To Deliver And Prove The Business Value Of Your eLearning should be read by:

  • Learning and Development managers working in global learning teams.
  • Online training providers and content providers who sell content to customers.
  • Learning teams that are under pressure to deliver ROI from their learning.

About The eBook

To help you get the most out of this eBook, the Elucidat team has organized it into 3 main sections:

  1. The challenge of proving business value. 
    This chapter explores why learning teams struggle to track data and deliver value. Often it’s simply too hard and takes too much time.
  2. Best practices to deliver business value. 
    This chapter outlines five best practices that will help you keep up with your business’s needs and use data and dashboards to prove real ROI from learning.
  3. How to deal with learning data. 
    This chapter provides tips on how to deal with “negative” learning data. You must learn from this data so you can get in sync with modern learning behaviors.

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