eBook Release - eLearning: Getting Your Organization Ready

Free eBook - eLearning: Getting Your Organization Ready
Summary: Organizations that have experienced eLearning failures will tell you that in their hurry to implement eLearning, they overlooked small, yet vital components of eLearning execution. With timely and proper guidance, these failures could have been averted and transformed into successful learning experiences. If you are in the process of implementing eLearning in your organization or contemplating the move from classroom training to eLearning, you can benefit from the priceless information packed in the eLearning: Getting Your Organization Ready eBook.

eLearning: Getting Your Organization Ready (An Advanced Guide To eLearning Implementation - 5 Steps For Success)

The eBook eLearning: Getting Your Organization Ready is based on RK Prasad’s decades of cumulative experience in helping organizations seamlessly make the transition to eLearning, guiding them through the implementation process, and helping them nurture eLearning. RK Prasad is the founder-CEO of CommLab India, a 15-year global eLearning company. He is responsible for formulating business strategy and ensures that his organization does “not lose sight of the forest for the trees” by continually reminding the team of the “big picture” and the true purpose and values of the organization.

RK has 29 years of experience in corporate sales, training, university teaching, and eLearning. He is an MBA and is currently pursuing his PhD in Technology Enhanced Learning from Lancaster University, UK. He is also a University Grants Commission certified lecturer in Management, an engaging speaker and an effective trainer.

The eBook eLearning: Getting Your Organization Ready will take you on a step-by-step journey through the process of eLearning implementation, and will help you take the right steps toward guaranteeing your eLearning venture’s success!

  • Evaluate your organization’s readiness for eLearning.
  • Build a compelling business case for the top management.
  • Decide on whether to make or buy eLearning.
  • Choose an eLearning partner.
  • Overcome barriers of implementation you may face along the way.
  • Implement eLearning successfully in your organization.

If you are interested in knowing how you too can help your organization make a success of its eLearning venture, download the eBook eLearning: Getting Your Organization Ready now!

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