Free eBook: Mobile LMS Guide For Training Companies - How To Take Your Training Programs To The Next Level With The Right Mobile LMS 

How To Make Sure You Choose The Perfect Mobile LMS

Take learning preferences for instance. Being able to adapt to a whole variety of different styles, puts you at a considerable lead. Just by adding alternative learning approaches you will allow your learners to adapt to the new medium. Another potential obstacle for new online learners could be that setting specific time and dates may be restrictive regarding their personal schedules. Let alone the distance to a particular location. You can have all the motivation in the world, but if you live too far away, that means instant exclusion. Being able to facilitate the perfect mobile LMS removes this obstacle.

Mobile LMS Guide For Training Companies: How To Take Your Training Programs To The Next Level With The Right Mobile LMS
Find out how your training company can use a mobile LMS to provide an excellent learning experience for your students.

About The eBook: Learning For Everyone

eLearning as a concept obviously isn't merely advantageous for online learners. It's also more comfortable and cheaper to manage for you. You would no longer need to employ or pay instructors, rent a classroom, take care of catering or have to consider any other external costs such as traveling. The automated aspect of an online course makes lots of processes go faster. Due to the lack of physical constraints, you will also be able to scale endlessly. After all, you will never run out of space in an "online classroom."

The eBook Mobile LMS Guide For Training Companies: How To Take Your Training Programs To The Next Level With The Right Mobile LMS puts exactly into perspective what the pros are of implementing a Mobile LMS. Having learners learn in their own time, at their own pace, wherever they want - it's like magic - giving them the chance to experience tailormade eLearning opportunities. Now we have gathered a general idea of what the overall advantages are; there are several parts in this eBook where you can delve into the different methods of implementation as well as the features which are required to manage eLearning programs.

It's fundamental to research the ability to integrate your mobile Learning Management System with your current training management platform. This makes life easier for your training administration team. You reinforce the centralized aspect of your online training. The management of all eLearning courses can be performed from one central location, regardless of how you transfer the online training content. Info remains in one place for future online training, and there is a minimal risk of loss of material. As well as needing a comprehensive reporting system to be able to report and note results as you go. Being able to track processes and manage the progression of online learners means you will be able to direct the process as you go. You will never have to regret not controlling the process properly and perhaps having to do the work again.

Make sure you are able to make use of learning paths as they are a great aid in planning out the whole online training program and managing it along the way. The online training strategy of a company can change drastically by using a Mobile LMS. You just set up the eLearning course once and let participants learn at their own pace, on the device they find most convenient. It also makes a recap of the information accessible and user-friendly. No classrooms, no instructors, no props. Everything you need is online.

Carry On Learning

Further along the eBook, Administrate explain to us why having a mobile LMS with advanced reporting features is critical for the success of every online training program. Some of these are the following:

  1. Number Of Students In Each Course
    Managing participation and engagement.
  2. Course Progress For Each Student
    Managing progress and determining the right incentives.
  3. Time Taken To Complete Courses
    Adapting your curriculum to the results of your current participants.
  4. Sticking Points
    Assess which areas require very little or way too much time as well as which ones are skipped.
  5. Module-Specific Data
    Get into the details of the data.
  6. Assessment Results
    Ultimately being able to make a weighed decision after having performed a proper assessment analysis.

On the other side, apart from methodologies and best practices, mistakes can always happen; all the way from buying the wrong mobile LMS to wrong implementation decisions and incorrect use, or simply not knowing how to extract the desired reports.

Making Your Training Life Easier

It's a sign of real intelligence when one can adapt to their surroundings. Not only because of the ability to do so, but also the realization that adapting to a circumstance is the path of the least resistance. What makes the eBook: Mobile LMS Guide For Training Companies - How To Take Your Training Programs To The Next Level With The Right Mobile LMS so rounded is the fact they even supply the readers with an astounding checklist to make sure every aspect of the implementation is covered. As a training department, you want to make sure you have the right mobile LMS in place to ensure training success for your learners. Reach a level of success you could only dream of. This eBook can help you do just that! You will learn beyond the ins and outs of a mobile LMS. It will make the life of a training department very easy. As well as your own. Have fun with it.

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