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2017 Anatomy Of A Trend eBook


2017 Anatomy Of A Trend eBook

by AllenComm / Published: Jun 07 2017

What it's about

Trends don’t just create opportunities for themselves, there must already be a recognized need into which a specific trend can be plugged. Each of the six trends we’re discussing this year in our new eBook is targeted at getting the learner to invest in the experience. That could be by respecting their time, making the learning more accessible, demonstrating the relevance to their job, or a combination of the three.

Key chapters

  • Introduction

  • Microlearning: Just Enough Learning

    In this section, we discuss why microlearning provides just enough information to compel action by learners.
  • Mobile: Learning When It Matters

    Mobile learning offers learners just-in-time learning in the field. Here’s a look at how to use it most effectively.
  • Personalization: Learning Just for Me

    Personalized learning helps learners save time and mental space by focusing on content with real impact. This chapter discusses how.
  • AR/VR: Learning That Bridges Space And Compacts Time

    We highlight how AR/VR tech can help captivate learners and help them transfer skills to their real-life.
  • Gamification: Leveraging Motivation For Learning

    Gamification helps get and keep learner interest. This chapter discusses how to use this technique most effectively.
  • Marketing-Based Approach To Training: Treating The Learner Like A Customer

    Treating learners like customers all starts with a savvy outreach plan. This final chapter looks at how marketing strategies can be utilized to seamlessly facilitate the learner’s journey.
  • Closing

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