Learning Management Systems To Take Airline Training Programs To The Next Level

by G-Cube

The aviation industry is fast transforming with digitization and an overwhelming increase in the number of travelers and hence, employees within the sector. From training on compliances to global safety measures, aviation sector has to ensure that their workforce gains competent knowledge and experience through stringent learning strategies and appropriate technologies.

Key Chapters

  1. eLearning In The Aviation Industry & Existing Industry Trends

    Our stand in an industry that adopts technological innovations in its every aspect, training included. Firstly, it should be taken into consideration that there is a diverse range of training programs and secondly that there are industry trends such as the shift towards modern learning experience and the constant updates on compliance.

  2. Training Challenges In The Aviation Industry

    What eLearning must successfully meet we can sum it up to, huge workforce, diversified audiences, regulatory concerns, security training, attrition and automated training, and integration of new learning systems into existing ones.

  3. Role Of Technology In Airlines Industry

    Here you can read references on modern LMS, gamification, Augmented Reality (AR), chatbots, beacons, drones, Virtual Reality, automation, mobile learning.

  4. Building An eLearning Solution

    This procedure can be fulfilled by different approaches which include: user friendly solutions, increased and automated communication flow, roster management, simulation training, scenario-based training, and safety management systems.

  5. What Learners Expect From Training & How G-Cube LMS Overcomes Aviation Training Challenges

    We center upon the matters of learners being able to define, pace, needs and remote access in eLearning. Moreover, presenting how we at G-Cube overcome any challenge that rises up in aviation industry training.

  6. Case Study On Indigo

    Analyzing how we treated our clients at Indigo. How were their requirements met, what where the challenges and what kind of solution we came up with.

The advent of new technologies in the Aviation Industry including data analytics, cloud management and automation leave a huge impact on daily operations, traffic management, costs and other benefits.

Along with growth come challenges, that is usually the case, and it surely stands for training in the Aviation Industry. The digitization and the increase of employees open a way for eLearning, and so the eBook “Learning Management Systems to take Airline Training Programs to the Next Level”, by G-Cube covers a large spectrum of topics, from training on compliance to global safety measures, helping ensure that competent knowledge and crucial experience is gained.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
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