Big Data For HR: How Predictive Analytics Can Deliver Business Value

by Lambda Solutions

With the explosion of Big Data from talent and performance management systems, HR executives are beginning to see the benefit of utilizing this information for predictive analytics and ultimately, better decision making. This whitepaper explains the types of questions HR managers can answer with Big Data and predictive analytics.

Key Chapters

  1. An Introduction to Big Data

    The age of ‘Big Data’ has arrived. During the last ten years, an explosion of data stored in many different formats has been uncovered as companies adopt new digital communication and information technologies.

  2. Delivering Business Value

    Mistakes in talent decisions can be costly. Successful HR is about making good decisions about employees. Any foresight before making a decision–be it about retention, recruitment, succession planning.

  3. Workforce Management

    Taking the workforce as a whole into consideration, what are some of the analytics you would want to generate?

  4. Talent Management

    Once the purview of forensic scientists, pro ling is now tremendously useful for HR professionals to identify individuals who are likely to succeed in leadership roles, leave, or cause harm through poor performance.

  5. Big Data and HR

    What are your next steps?

...factors like what school a candidate attended and what their GPA was, are completely unrelated to future accomplishment. Rather, a demonstrated ability to take initiative and get the spelling right on a resume was.

Does the term “Big Data” and its caliber intimidate you, keeping you away from comprehending the value it can deliver for your company? Thanks to this handy eBook “Big Data For HR: How Predictive Analytics Can Deliver Business Value”, brought to you by Lambda Solutions you can utilize Big Data in predictive analytics and improve decision making in managing talent, workforce and performance. HR executives should read this before planning their next steps.

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