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Blended Learning: A Proven Approach To Learning Development


Blended Learning: A Proven Approach To Learning Development

by Obsidian Learning / Published: Jan 11 2019

What it's about

Done correctly, blended learning integrates your new and existing learning assets, technology, and the latest from the field of neuroscience – into cohesive traditional learning to improve learning outcomes. This eBook is Obsidian Learning’s contribution to the blended learning canon, based on our long and varied experience in Learning and Development.

Key chapters

  • Chapter 1

    Blended Learning – What Is It?
  • Chapter 2

    Blended Learning Models
  • Chapter 3

    Learning Objectives as an Important Part of Blended Learning Strategy
  • Chapter 4

    Pitfalls to Avoid Before Switching to Blended Learning
  • Chapter 5

    What Works and What Doesn’t in Blended Learning
  • Chapter 6

    Vetting Blended Learning Vendors
  • Chapter 7

    The Blended Learning Process
  • Chapter 8

    Best Practices When Designing Blended Learning Programs
  • Chapter 9

    Common Challenges (and Solutions) in Blended Learning Design
  • Chapter 10

    Building a Blended Learning Solution on a Budget
  • Chapter 11

    Reducing Corporate Learning Costs with a Blended Learning Approach
  • Chapter 12

    Measuring the Effectiveness of Blended Learning Programs
  • Chapter 13

    How Blended Learning Improves Employee Productivity
  • Chapter 14

    Blended Learning as a Strategy to Boost Corporate Training ROI

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