Competency-Based Learning: Increase Employee Skills Development Through Competency-Based Learning

by Obsidian Learning

Competency-based learning (CBL) is a highly strategic approach to employee skills development that, if implemented properly, can lead to organizational transformation. In this eBook, we provide case studies, useful tips, and concrete strategies that you can apply to create the competency-based learning program that is right for your organization.

Key Chapters

  1. The Importance Of Competency-Based Learning In Employee Skills Development

    Why is competency-based learning crucial for employee skills development?

  2. 5 Ways Competency-Based Learning Can Accelerate Business Growth

    Look at CBL from the business angle, and discover how this type of learning can accelerate business growth.

  3. 6 Reasons Competency-Based Learning Helps In Bridging Your Employee Skills Gap

    Examine the ways in which CBL can help bridge employee skills gaps.

  4. 3 Types Of Competency-Based Learning Examples To Meet Your Corporation’s Training Needs

    Benefit from concrete examples of CBL adapted to meet the specific needs of different types of organizations.

  5. Dos And Don’ts When Designing Competency-Based Learning Programs

    This chapter is your competency-based learning primer, providing you with a list of dos and don’ts when designing CBL programs.

  6. Employee Skills Assessment Testing For Effective Skills Training Programs

    An evaluation in CBL environments and the kinds of assessments that characterize effective skills training programs.

  7. Measuring Your Competency-Based Training Framework For Better ROI

    A business argument for CBL. The chapter provides a framework for measuring competency-based training in terms of ROI.

  8. Competency-Based Learning: 5 Steps To Assess Employee Skills Development

    Looping back to assessment with a step-by-step road map on how to assess employee skills development in the context of CBL.

CBL programs examine the competencies of top performers and draft competency maps based on the demonstrated skills and abilities of those individuals and the determined business needs of the organization.

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