Microlearning That Engages: A Guide To Successfully Drive Employee Satisfaction

by Obsidian Learning

Microlearning is here to stay. Our aim is to help you do it properly so that both your learners and your organization realize the benefits of this highly effective core element of any thoughtful learning strategy.

Key Chapters

  1. What Is Microlearning And How Does It Drive Employee Engagement?

  2. 5 Ways Microlearning Increases Employee Satisfaction And Knowledge Retention

  3. 5 Vital Elements Of Engaging Microcontent

  4. How To Adapt Your Microcontent To Your Employees’ Social Needs

  5. 8 Benefits Of Creating Microlearning Videos Based On Social Learning Elements

  6. 5 Ways Microlearning Can Boost Your Corporate Training ROI

  7. 4 Essential Employee Satisfaction KPIs To Evaluate Your Microlearning Strategy

  8. 4 Secrets No One Tells You When Choosing Your Microlearning Platform

As with everything in learning, knowing your learners and their needs is fundamental to making good decisions. Microlearning is a great challenge but also a great opportunity to strike a better balance between your company’s need for security, tracking, and standardization, with learners’ need for friction-free access to clear, impactful microlearning content. So pick your battles—then seize the day!

Though challenging at times, microlearning content is extremely powerful. This professional guide offers valuable insights on microlearning so that you implement it correctly and get maximum results. Get the chance to discover the perks it can offer to your company and your employees, too!

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Christopher Pappas
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