Video-Based Learning Best Practices And Tips: A Full Guide For Corporate Training

by Obsidian Learning

Throughout this eBook, you will find case studies, useful tips, and concrete strategies that you can apply to create fit-for-purpose, high-impact video learning.

Key Chapters

  1. How Video-Based Learning Impacts The Future Of Corporate Training

  2. 3 Key Benefits Of Video-Based Learning You Should Not Ignore

  3. 4 Applications Of Corporate Training Videos That Can Transform Your Workforce

  4. 5 Integral Elements Of Emotionally And Socially Engaging Learning Videos

  5. 5 Vital Steps To Create Appealing Corporate Training Videos

  6. 7 Dos And Don'ts To Design And Deliver Successful Video-Based Learning

  7. Essential Criteria For Choosing The Right Video-Based Learning Model

  8. Measuring The Impact Of Video Learning On Your Corporate Training ROI

Don’t confuse saying something on video with delivering the message.

People nowadays seem to be more engaged with motion in pictures, so videos make online training more attractive. Video-based learning makes the information easier to digest, process, and recall. Discover all its best practices for corporate training in this handy eBook.

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Christopher Pappas
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