DIY Vs. Managed Cloud Hosting

by Lambda Solutions

The task of managing an LMS will have you meet with some determining crossroads, one of which is when you will have to choose between DIY or managed cloud hosting. This is a question that will affect the security and maintenance, speed and performance of your LMS, and the throughout cost of running it.

Key Chapters

  1. DIY Versus Managed Hosting: Dollars and Sense

    Do-it-yourself (DIY) hosting is when an organization secures their own equipment to store content and run applications connecting to the internet either at your business or through an on-site location.

  2. Data Centers: Security and Maintenance

    When organizations use DIY hosting, they often do so because they believe that it is beneficial to have data centers on premise to enable control via proximity.

  3. Scaling Infrastructure, Upfront Costs & CDN

    When you DIY, you are allocating a significant amount of resources to the capital costs of building and maintaining your data center.

  4. Trans-Geographic Data & Disaster Management

    Having your data stored in multiple geographic locations or ‘trans-geographically’ is beneficial for multiple reasons.

  5. Keeping up with Innovation

    Many organizations that choose DIY hosting do so because they have an infatuation with owning innovative technologies that drive business forward.

  6. Managed Hosting for the Win

Managed hosting firms allows for a platform that is constantly up to date with new servers and networking infrastructure to provide your learning management system with optimal speed and performance.

The hosting of your LMS is serious business. Whether you go for managed cloud hosting or a DIY solution, it is not a simply a matter of stance. There are pros and cons weighing on every side and you should have knowledge of them before you make your final decision. The eBook “DIY Vs. Managed Cloud Hosting”, by Lambda Solutions, is all about that, hoping to lend you a helping hand.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network