The Guide To Evolutionary Development: Part 1

by Infopro Learning

Learning leaders are searching for new ways of thinking about leadership development – and for good reason. In the U.S. alone, companies spend more than $15 billion annually on leadership training programs. Yet, 71 percent of organizations do not feel that their leaders are prepared to lead their businesses into the future. Download this guide to learn how to prepare your leaders to thrive in the digital era.

Key Chapters

  1. Why Leadership Development is Mission Critical

    A leader’s impact on the bottom line cannot be ignored; leaders drive innovation and productivity, capitalize on business opportunities and develop and retain top talent.

  2. Our New World

    Get the context for a new perspective.

  3. Relational Complexity

    Examine how changes in the digital workplace, organizational structures and workforce demographics are impacting leadership.

  4. Implications for Leadership Development

    What leadership capacities are needed in a time where business challenges change from day today?

  5. A Future Vision of an Evolved Leader

    Read a detailed persona of the ideal future leader and what competitive advantages they should bring to the table.

  6. Evolutionary Development Framework

    Learn how this new model prepares leaders to thrive in the digital era.

  7. A Holistic Approach

    Most leadership development models focus only on behavioral changes, but the evolutionary development model also addresses the mindset shifts and organizational processes.

The digital era thrives on change itself—only those organizations that embrace and engineer disruption will win in this new reality.

A leader must have full understanding of his or hers field of action. In times of fast, dramatic changes, this is not so much a matter of knowledge, rather than a need for the right mindset. This way you can come up with an evolutionary development framework, that’ll deal with complexities and implications. By delving in the insight given here, you will be able to look past established models. Broaden the horizon of your future leaders’ vision with the holistic approach presented here.

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