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Best Practices For Impactful Training


Best Practices For Impactful Training

by AllenComm / Published: Jul 19 2019

What it's about

Discover the best Learning and Development practices honed from over 35 years of building award-winning training courses for clients. Find out how to improve employee retention, get measurable results, and transform your work environment. These guidelines and insights show how to make a long-term difference in your employee training with impactful strategies, technologies, approaches, and development programs.

Key chapters

  • Introduction

    Get insights into how impacting your learners will benefit your company.
  • Understanding Your Learners

    Identify your audience and performance challenges before you begin.
  • Why Flexibility is the New Normal

    Why successful training strategies include mobile, flexible, and accessible learning.
  • Using Recreational Technology Trends to Customize Your Training

    Take tips from recreational technology to help you craft a better training.
  • Assessment Authenticity: The Test of a Learning Solution

    How to make sure users have successfully learned the content.
  • How to Measure the Results of Your Training

    Determine whether the training impacted retention, costreduction, and changing behavior
  • Conclusion

    A review of how to impact your learners and the resources to help

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