Best Practices For Impactful Training

by AllenComm

Discover the best Learning and Development practices honed from over 35 years of building award-winning training courses for clients. Find out how to improve employee retention, get measurable results, and transform your work environment. These guidelines and insights show how to make a long-term difference in your employee training with impactful strategies, technologies, approaches, and development programs.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    Get insights into how impacting your learners will benefit your company.

  2. Understanding Your Learners

    Identify your audience and performance challenges before you begin.

  3. Why Flexibility is the New Normal

    Why successful training strategies include mobile, flexible, and accessible learning.

  4. Using Recreational Technology Trends to Customize Your Training

    Take tips from recreational technology to help you craft a better training.

  5. Assessment Authenticity: The Test of a Learning Solution

    How to make sure users have successfully learned the content.

  6. How to Measure the Results of Your Training

    Determine whether the training impacted retention, costreduction, and changing behavior

  7. Conclusion

    A review of how to impact your learners and the resources to help

Unless you can understand who your employees are and what they care about, you won’t be able to fully reach them.

Everyone wants to be able to apply the most efficient training for their organization or business. Creating truly impactful training starts with identifying who you’re teaching and what they need to learn to help make a difference in day-to-day operations. But it's another thing of knowing how to implement such a change and putting in the work to make such changes happen. Let Allencomm guide you along the way.

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Christopher Pappas
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