Learning Management System Evaluation Checklist: Select The Right LMS For Your Organization

by Knowledge Anywhere

An LMS feature checklist to help you select the right eLearning training solution for your organization based on your unique needs.

Key Chapters

  1. Features

    Over 75 LMS features to rank on a scale of importance to your organization.

  2. Applicable Feature Grouping

    Checklist features are in groups, including: Administrative Experience, Learner Experience, Support & Training, System/Other.

  3. LMS Providers Columns

    Space is provided for ranking your top 3 LMS providers to see which meets your feature needs.

These LMS evaluation criteria will help you prioritize which features matter to you most as you analyze LMS solution providers—helping you to save time and quickly weed out the providers that aren’t a good fit.

When searching for a complex tool like an LMS, with a huge amount of features to choose from, there is nothing better than a good checklist to organize your thoughts.

Charlie Gillette

Charlie Gillette
CEO, Knowledge Anywhere