LMS Reporting And Measurement For Online Training

by Administrate

At Administrate, we think reporting for a training company is extremely important. You need to be able to pull exactly the data you need, at any time, and produce a relevant and useable report, which can help you make business decisions for the future. To reflect this we’ve pulled together some of our favourite posts we’ve produced on reporting and measurement for online training, all in one handy eBook!

Key Chapters

  1. Get Rid of Boring Reports

    Find out how to make reporting something you actually look forward to doing, and not just another boring task you have to complete.

  2. 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Reports

    There’s no point in completing reports that aren’t going to be useful to you and your business! See the 5 mistakes you need to avoid when writing reports to make sure you produce the best reports possible.

  3. Reporting For Success – How learndirect use Administrate

    We talk to Administrate customer learndirect and see how they use Administrate, and our reporting feature, to make their business more successful.

  4. Crucial Data to Have at Your Fingertips – Training Company Edition

    Not sure what data you need to have to produce amazing reports? We go through all the data you need to have access to at all time to have a complete picture of your training business.

  5. The Importance of Training Measurement

    Not sure why reporting and measure are so important? We talk about how vital they are to your business and your success.

  6. The Questions You Should be Asking to Effectively Measure Your Training

    If you’re trying to measure the successfulness of your business, or send out customer surveys, these are the questions you need to be asking to get the full picture.

  7. Further Reporting & Measurement Resources

    Want more information? We’ve got links to even more reporting and measurement resources!

Reporting is vital to so many different parts of the business, so you can’t simply put it on the back burner just because it’s not the most exciting task. Instead, why not make reporting as easy as possible, and something you actually look forward to!

Reporting tools are a central aspect of all eLearning courses. Administrate present all the Dos and Don’ts of reports as well as customer testimonials proving why Administrate’s reporting tools are among the best in the eLearning industry. They also illustrate the importance of reporting and how Administrate reporting tools can be used for optimal results.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of the eLearning Industry's Network