Investing Wisely: Μaximize Your Sales Training Budget With The ARISE Model

by Infopro Learning

InfoPro Learning created the ARISE model, which aims to maximize the ROI of product knowledge training with a blended learning program that focuses on delivering information when, how, and where the sales team needs it the most. This eBook will help you discover the ARISE model and maximize your Sales training budget.

Key Chapters

  1. Double Down On Product Knowledge

    Yes, companies are already investing heavily in product knowledge, as we outlined on the previous page, but not nearly at the rate in which they should.

  2. InfoPro’s ARISE Model

    1. Analyze
    2. Recommend
    3. Implement
    4. Support
    5. Evaluate

There are four main sales training categories that companies are investing in; Selling Skills, Product Knowledge, Company Information, and Industry Knowledge. While that is nothing surprising in itself, the comparative investment in each category is shocking.

If you don’t have the time to read articles, posts, and eBooks written for corporate training only to filter them, and keep solutions and conclusions about Sales training, then set your sight on this one. InfoPro Learning puts this item under the microscope, offering valuable insight and a model of Sales training methodology that comes quite handy. It is known to work well when investing in building the knowledge of channel partners and customers, and that is why I strongly recommend it too.

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Christopher Pappas
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