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The Power Of Persuasion: Developing A Strong Sales Team


The Power Of Persuasion: Developing A Strong Sales Team

by TalentLMS / Published: Sep 14 2023

What it's about

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to improve your current offering, this guide explores in detail how to train salespeople. But more specifically, how to design and deliver a structured sales training and enablement program that works for your team and your business. TalentLMS is the LMS built for success. Designed to get a "yes" from everyone, it's where companies create, deploy, and track sales training from a single platform. Download this eBook to discover how the right tool and strategy can help you develop a strong sales team.

Key chapters

  • 10 Essential Sales Skills

    Great salespeople are not born; they're made. With proper training, your sales team members can hone skills like active listening, relationship building, and resilience. In this chapter, explore the most important sales skills you need to add to your training mix to build a strong sales team.
  • Popular Sales Methodologies

    Sales is a results-driven job. That's why you need a framework to guide salespeople into reaching their quotas. Sales methodologies provide actionable, repeatable, and scalable tactics for each sales funnel. Find out which works best for your business needs.
  • 9+1 Sales Tools To Seal The Deal

    The right mix of skills, along with useful methodologies, helps salespeople progress effectively through the pipeline. But they need more than that. They need tools to manage tasks more effectively and optimize their time. In this chapter, discover the most essential tools to support your sales teams.
  • Optimizing Sales Training Through Coaching

    Seasoned salespeople can act as mentors to their less experienced colleagues by sharing best practices for upselling and cross-selling and demystifying customer pain points. Discover seven ways to build a sales coaching program without disrupting work.
  • Tips For A Successful Sales Training Program

    With high turnover rates, low attention spans, and pressing targets, sales training can often become an afterthought. For sales managers and salespeople alike. In this chapter, we present ten strategies to elevate your sales training, turning it from a tick-box exercise to an impactful learning experience.

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