Multitenancy With Totara And Moodle

by Lambda Solutions

Multitenancy in an LMS is when different groups or organizations use the same infrastructure, applications, or databases. One organization may have different groups, each with their own courses, materials and needs, but uses one central learning management system.

Key Chapters

  1. What Is Multitenancy?

    Multitenancy is when different groups or organizations use the same infrastructure, applications, or databases.

  2. Multitenancy With Totara And Moodle

    Totara supports multitenancy in many ways.
    Moodle does not fully support multitenancy as well as Totara, but it does have a few capabilities.

  3. What You Can Do With Multitenancy, And How It Can Address Your Organization's Issues Methods Of Multitenancy

    One common request that organizations have is privacy. They do not want their tenants to be able to see each other within the Totara site, or even for their tenants to know that there is anyone else on the same LMS.

  4. Areas Of Multitenancy

    There are three distinct areas of multitenancy that are important to consider:
    1. User and Course Management
    2. Admin and Code Management
    3. Miscellaneous Management

  5. Approaches To Multitenancy

    Now let’s go over the three approaches to multitenancy. They are monolithic, distributed, and federated. The approach you choose will entirely depend on what your needs are.

For organizations who have a large number of tenants with many users and courses, you can create categories and subcategories with their own administrators within each category. This breaks up the tenants and users into smaller, more manageable units.

If your have a use for eLearning programs that involve different groups or organizations using the same infrastructure, applications or databases, then multitenancy is bound to become your favorite term. This is the concept that will enable you to respond to these needs and still use one LMS, and this eBook by Lambda Solutions will guide you through it. Read about existing approaches and areas of application for multitenancy, along with a detailed introduction and how Totara and Moodle will navigate you through it.

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