Tips For Running Your Small Training Business

by Administrate

As a training management system, Administrate is here to help you run your training business as effectively as possible. Our TMS is equipped with the tools to help you save time, save money, cut out lots of repetitive tasks, and manage all your training administration - all from one place!


This efficiency is even more important for smaller businesses because with a smaller workforce it can be hard to keep on top of everything that needs to be done.


We've collected together some of our favorite blog posts which give you lots of tips on how to run your smaller training business more efficiently, help it to grow and be more successful, and how a TMS can improve how you run your small training business.

Key Chapters

  1. How a Training Company can Differentiate Itself in a Crowded Market

    As a small business, it's so important to stand out from your competitors and carve yourself a piece of the market! This post shows you lots of ways you can stand out and start attracting lots of new customers.

  2. 5 Best Online Tools to Help Make Your Small Business Successful

    Picking the perfect tools for your small business is extremely important to ensure you're spending money on things that will actually help your business run more smoothly. We've picked the five best online tools, which also integrate with Administrate, to help your small business run as smoothly as possible.

  3. Why Smaller Businesses Need a TMS and an LMS

    Confused about the difference between a TMS and an LMS? We're here to tell you what each tool does best, and why it's a great idea to have both at your business' disposal.

  4. Key eCommerce Fundamentals for Training Companies

    We talk to training organisations all the time, all over the world, and most are driven to get more students. Discover how eCommerce makes this possible.

  5. How to get the Most out of a Smaller Workforce

    Having a smaller workforce doesn't mean your business has to be less productive! Check out our tips on how to get the most from your smaller workforce to ensure your small business is successful.

  6. How Small Businesses can use Training Management Software as Their Knowledge Base

    Keep your business super organised and all your processes in one place by using your training management system as your small business knowledge base!

  7. Making the Time for Internal Training in a Small Business

    As a training company, it can sometimes be hard to make time for internal training, especially if you're a smaller business! We're here to show you how to make the time for staff training and why it's so important!

  8. Top 5 Concerns for Small & Medium Training Companies

    We talk to Administrate customers One Study Training and Trigraph Professional Training to discuss concerns for small and medium training companies.

  9. How Small and Medium Businesses Can Benefit From Having a TMS

    Are you in the market for a training management system? We're here to show you why a TMS is a perfect tool for small and medium businesses.

  10. Why Happy Customers are Key to Small Business Success

    We all dream of having happy customers, and we're here to show you why it's vital that you take steps to keep your customers satisfied!

I call it ‘keeping the finger on the pulse’, and as a small business, it’s always important to know how you stand after a crisis, what measures to take, and how to move on. This was one of the reasons I implemented the Administrate system! To keep track of all the aspects through Administrate and have visibility over the whole operation with its expected cost and revenue.

There is a lot of “big” in a small training business. It surely is no straight line from big trouble to big potential, but Administrate has composed this most inclusive collection of posts and articles to assist you. It is bound to serve as a road map for a small business to make its way and stand out. Tips for finding and deploying the right software, keeping employees satisfied, customers happy and a retaining a niche on the market with your firm’s name all over it don’t come in with everyday mail. So don’t miss out on this free eBook!

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network