The Ultimate Guide To Selling Online Courses

by LearnWorlds

The online course is the eBook of the future. And the online school is the e-commerce store of the future.


A great online course, created with passion and packed with valuable professional, life, or recreational skills, can be life-changing for its consumers. As a digital product it brings prestige to its author – who is no longer a mere seller, but elevated into the role of a teacher. And of course (pun intended), selling a great course can be profitable too.

Key Chapters

  1. How to Make Your Online Course Sales-Ready

    We begin by discussing the importance of identifying your ideal customers and making yourself different to your competitors. It goes over your unique selling proposition and explains how this can give your online school additional value. Finally, it provides some tips and guidelines on how to come up with a compelling intro and summary to describe your course just as well as an expert marketer.

  2. Publishing Your Online Course

    In this chapter, we go one step further into explaining how you can publish your online course. We talk about the online platform you can choose, the thinking process behind the creation of your school, your site’s appearance and landing page presentation as well as audience segmentation. Last but not least, we deal with how you can add credibility using author bios and user testimonials which is one of the most powerful advertising tools you can use.

  3. Pre-Launching Your Online Course: Get Your First $1

    After getting the visual presentation right, it’s time to get down to specifics and discuss the price you are putting on your courses/lessons. Determining the best price is a big deal and this is why it’s important to test your course and ask others for feedback. Aside this, it’s also essential to look at Google Analytics, the digital marketer’s most essential tool, to learn more about what your customers are searching for on the web.

  4. Launching Your Online Course: A Step by Step Guide

    One of the most important steps to launching your course is coming up with strategies on how to leverage your network. This starts with contacting people from your inner circle and gathering their opinion. Getting to know what appeals to your audience the most can help you decide on the best offers and decide whether you want to give out coupons and discounts. Finally, we help you draft effective ‘Call to Action’ triggers that can encourage people to try out your product.

The online course is the ebook of the future. And the online school is the e-commerce store of the future.

When consumers buy online courses from you, this could prove a major turning point in their lives. This and many more you should bear in mind when you are selling, and that is why LearnWorlds released this eBook, The Ultimate Guide To Selling Online Courses. Tips and methods for publishing, pre-launching and launching and, of course, making your online courses sales-ready, all are here for you, so that you can place the creation of your passion on the top shelf.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network