Corporate eLearning: Six Strategies For Leveraging Moodle

by Lambda Solutions

Moodle is used by countless organizations in healthcare, enterprise, and even non-profit arenas to ensure employees are provided with learning opportunities to meet their performance goals. In this guide, we discuss how Moodle is best utilized for your corporate eLearning needs, covering everything from the hiring and interview process, to product launches, and compliance training.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    There is a reason why Moodle, the world’s leading open source learning management system is used by 73 million users worldwide -because it is license free and provides organizations with a feature-rich solution to ensure their learning needs are met and exceeded.

  2. Delivering and Managing Compliance Training in Moodle

    Many organizations do not have the resources to hire full-time compliance officers or buy and implement governance, risk and compliance software suites.

  3. Leveraging Moodle for Competency Training and Management

    More and more organizations are implementing competency based training because it helps to prioritize training dollars and ultimately, it achieves results.

  4. Seamless eLearning Course Development in Moodle

    Different people learn best with different learning methods, which is why many people cannot excel in traditional learning systems. Textbook learning is not the right fit for everyone, but it is for some. This creates the need to integrate traditional and non-traditional methods to create one hybrid learning module.

  5. Leveraging Moodle for Product and Service Launches

    Central to any business is the level of understanding your employees have about the products and/or services you
    provide. In today’s global economy, competition is steep making it a necessity that your people are experts in the value your organization provides and how your products deliver that value.

  6. Utlizing Moodle for the Hiring and Interview Process

    Before you even begin training your employees, you must have employees. Having a committed team on board is
    essential to any organization, and the hiring process is a big part of that. Moodle can be used as an HR tool, where applicants can send in their resumes, and employers can screen them.

  7. Forming Communities of Practice in Moodle

    Communities of practice (CoPs) are informal groups of people within the business community that have common
    goals, and interests, who work together to teach each other, and learn from one another.

In this guide, we discuss how Moodle is best utilized for your corporate eLearning needs. We cover everything from the hiring and interview process, to product launches and compliance training.

Moodle, a word that stands for a platform offering countless learning solutions. To get the one (or more) you need, you have to deploy it the appropriate way. This is a choice that asks for knowledge, of the kind that Lambda Solutions delivers in this eBook on leveraging strategies for Moodle. One for detailed study, as it is packed with helpful info concerning various ways of utilizing Moodle. Competency or compliance training, eLearning course development, product and service launches, and the hiring and interview process among others, together with tips for different industry types, leaving almost no case left unanswered.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network