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Training In An Online World


Training In An Online World

by 360Learning / Published: Mar 28 2018

What it's about

The key to creating a perfect online course is engagement. Discover in this eBook how to successfully create your online courses and engage with your community of learners.

Key chapters

  • Understand what has changed

    It’s because people are changing the way they learn that you need to change the way you train. Discover what has changed and how you can adapt.

  • Discover your options

    What are the latest learning formats? How should an online course program be structured? What is a MOOC or a SPOC?
  • Engage learners

    What are the best practices to get learners hooked on your courses? Who are your learners and which digital formats should you use to engage them?
  • Draft your training plan

    In this eBook, you will find all the information you need to match your ambitions to your budget and deadlines.
  • Learn to adapt

    How can I use data to improve participation and course pass rates? Data plays a key role in a learning project. Discover how you can use it to continuously improve your content.

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