Turning Compliance Into Competitive Advantage Using Your LMS

by Lambda Solutions

Company leaders view compliance as a prime risk and they are taking it very seriously. In small and mid-size organizations, C-level executives struggle to interpret regulations and turn them into business practices that meet requirements. While many larger companies have adopted systems that allow them to manage compliance, develop talent and align individual performance with organizational objectives, mid-sized organizations can now benefit from integrated learning and talent management systems too.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    Many organizations just do not have the resources to hire full time compliance officers, or buy and implement governance, risk and compliance software suites.

  2. The Increasing Compliance Burden

    Executive leaders view compliance as a prime risk and they are taking it seriously. While organizations have always faced regulatory oversight and standards, current compliance environments in almost every industry are increasingly more onerous, more complex and continuously shifting.

  3. Online Training for Compliance

    For companies that have state, provincial or federal regulations such as PIPEDA in Canada, HIPPA in the US, FDA and OSHA, or that follow quality standards such as ISO 9000/14000, it is essential to streamline training procedures, and monitor training effectiveness vis à-vis compliance.

  4. Aligning Performance with Corporate Strategy

    If you have an online learning system that includes performance management, you can link training and performance and then you can align individual performance to corporate strategies.

  5. From Compliance to Competitive Advantage: Next Steps

    Take the next steps to help your organization meet compliance requirements and create a real competitive advantage by aligning corporate strategy with employee

The volume of regulatory change challenges firms to keep pace ... Looking ahead, firms should aim to minimize regulatory impact on service levels through hiring and retaining top talent, investing strategically in areas including training and technology, and through embedding a culture of compliance within all levels of the organization. - World Wealth Report, Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management (2013)

There are things that differ from a small, to a mid-size and even more a large enterprise, and that is something that applies to compliance training as well. One thing common, regardless the size, is that this process is valued as a constant need, to develop talent and align individual performance with organizational objectives. What Lambda Solutions gives you is the place to stand so that you can make the ever-changing, ever-challenging world of compliance online training turn the way you want it to.

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