The Complete User Guide To Moodle Chapter 3

by Lambda Solutions

LMS reports are an essential component of the eLearning process; both for learners and managers. Learning analytics provide instructors with learning trends to provide better education, and general reporting allows managers to report on overarching progress like completion, compliance, and competencies.

Key Chapters

  1. Performance Tracking

    - Reporting
    - Feedback Module & Surveys
    - Moodle Outcomes for Competency Training

  2. Learner Engagement

    - Badges
    - Gamification
    - Mobile
    - Multimedia capabilities
    - Communication

  3. Administrative Features

    - Plagiarism
    - Webinar Integrations
    - eCommerce Plugins

  4. Organization

    - Multitenancy
    - Integrations
    - Enrolling Cohorts

Chapter 3 of the Complete Moodle User Guide will help you to make the most of Moodle LMS by learning how to utilize Moodle’s extended features. There is no shortage of tools, add-ons, and plugins available for Moodle to take your eLearning programs to the next level.

Can a Moodle user guide be considered complete without providing helpful knowledge on reporting, administrating, organizational features and the ways learner engagement can be achieved? Though the answer is easy, this chapter of the Lambda Solutions complete guide will give you all the arguments that support this answer. Get into performance tracking, receiving feedback via modules and surveys, adopting gamification, and enjoying the goods that multimedia capabilities and seamless communication brings. This is a fully packed eBook, additionally introducing crucial features for webinars, integration, plagiarism and eCommerce.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network