What Everybody Ought To Know About Choosing An LMS

by ShareKnowledge

A step-by-step guide to choosing the most beneficial LMS for your needs.

Key Chapters

  1. Wrong LMS = Waste of Time and Money

    With over 600+ LMS’s on the market, it can be daunting to choose the right one.

  2. LMS Selection Team

    Choosing an LMS is not a one-person job. Create the best product selection team.

  3. Gathering Requirements

    From high-level requirements to features (or should we talk about features at all?)

  4. Selection Process

    A few tips to the review and evaluation process.

  5. Reap the benefits of an LMS

    What happens when you made the right choice.

Over the years, various LMS systems have tried to be all things to all people – the more bells and whistles the better. With all these added features, shopping for an LMS can be overwhelming and confusing. This white paper will help clarify how to choose the best learning management system.

Buyer’s remorse is very common when choosing an LMS. Having a well thought out plan is critical when looking for an LMS and a great way to position yourself for optimal success

Keth Crotty

Keth Crotty
VP of Business Development at ShareKnowledge