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Cracking The Mobile Learning Code: xAPI And cmi5


Cracking The Mobile Learning Code: xAPI And cmi5

by Obsidian Learning and RISC, Inc. / Published: Oct 05 2017

What it's about

A white paper by Obsidian Learning, “Cracking the Mobile Learning Code: xAPI and cmi5”, co-authored with Art Werkenthin of RISC, Inc., discusses how mobile technologies can support both formal and informal learning in instructor-led training (ILT), web-based training (WBT), blended learning experiences, and on-the-job performance support. It also addresses global trends in mobile technology use, and presents examples of novel applications of mobile learning. Finally, it provides a technical overview of xAPI and cmi5 and examines how these technologies can be used to capture the entire spectrum of learning, from formal to informal.

Key chapters

  • Mobile Technology

    Rise in Technology Use 4Changing Social and Professional Expectations
    Mobile Technology and Learning
    Mobile: A Piece of the Distributed Learning Puzzle
    Learning Context vs. Work Context
  • Supporting Formal and Informal Learning

    Formal Learning
    Informal Learning
  • Mobile Technologies for Learning

    Mobile Learning Framework
    Examples of Mobile Learning Experiences
    Learning Video
    Social Networking Technologies
    Other Mobile Learning Experiences
    Mobile Learning Development Tools
  • Tracking Mobile Learning: xAPI and cmi5

    Overview of SCORM
    Is xAPI the “New SCORM”?
    A More Structured xAPI
    What is cmi5?
    cmi5 Goals
    Sample cmi5 Rule
    Benefits of cmi5
  • Case Studies: xAPI in Action

    Case Study One: PDF Annotation in the Cloud
    RISC’s Solution: The PDF Annotator Application
    Integration with the VTA LMS
    Future Plans
  • Case Study Two: Video/Microlearning

    Obsidian’s Solution
    xAPI Statements
    Items Tracked in the LRS

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