Free eLearning Marketing eBooks: The Ultimate List
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The Ultimate List Of Free eLearning Marketing eBooks

When it comes to golden marketing "magic" formulas, you may find it hard to cope with. Trying to keep informed and track developments in this highly competitive field, seems to be the best course of action. Here is a list of free eLearning marketing eBooks that can prove of great help.

This wealth of knowledge offers a fresh perspective about eLearning marketing trends, and can help you maximize the benefits you can get from eLearning marketing. They cover the latest tools, strategies, trends and methods of marketing for eLearning professionals, such as promoting eLearning events, press releases, content strategy, PPC and budgeting, among others.

This list will constantly be updated with new eLearning Marketing eBooks, so keep it on hand. Download the ones that better match your interests, and ... enjoy your reading!

1. 7 Steps To Build A Strong eLearning Business by Thought Industries

This eBook is a proven blueprint, obviously customer-centered, to get the most out of your marketing in order to grow your learning operation. If you take the steps described here, your efforts will encircle this conception. Understanding your customers will show the way for you to differentiate your product; then, you are at the point where you should control your costs and establish your price. The suggested path to follow is to be data driven, build your marketing funnel, and use free marketing tools, if possible. Mastering all this and funneling it into your online courses is one big step to success.

2. Turning Learning Into Profit by Thought Industries

A playbook for launching your revenue-generating online professional learning business. The intent of the authors of this ebook is to help you understand the size of the market opportunity, grasp the basics of the pro t-making side of learning, and expand your thinking about how to package your assets and take best advantage of new opportunities in the professional learning business. The online learning segment is undergoing hyper-growth right now. If you’re in the business of delivering learning in some form, you can position yourself to leverage your content, repackage and distribute it intelligently, and thereby find new ways to monetize it.

3. The Ultimate Guide To Selling Online Courses by LearnWorlds

The online course is the ebook of the future. And the online school is the eCommerce store of the future. A great online course, created with passion and packed with valuable professional, life, or recreational skills, can be life-changing for its consumers. As a digital product, it brings prestige to its author – who is no longer a mere seller, but elevated into the role of a teacher. And of course (pun intended), selling a great course can be profitable too.

4. Build The Buzz On A Budget: How To Promote Your LMS Online And Boost Profits by eLearning Industry

Are you looking for rapid online marketing results that don’t cost you a small fortune? Can you sum up the selling points of your LMS and convey how it stands out from the competition? Are you reaching out to your target audience on the most popular online platforms? Is your LMS marketing strategy achieving results or is it proving to be more problematic than expected? Should you enlist the aid of affiliates? Purchase PPC ads to target your niche audience? Or use inbound marketing to build your online presence? Ηow can you ensure your LMS promotional event is a success? Do your current clients feel appreciated? Download this free ebook to find the answers to these questions and much more…

5. 10 Marketing Strategies That No Learning Tech Vendor Can Live Without by Gordon L. Johnson

You’d be hard-pressed to find a market that is more competitive than corporate learning technology. Learn the 10 proven strategies that successful learning tech companies have used, to survive and thrive in this highly competitive market. Naming it might make it even more tempting. In this eBook you 'll read about web presence, lead nurturing, customer success, qualified leads, conferences, messaging, analyst relations, demos, email marketing, and content marketing. The bonus strategies in the end, from Pam Boiros, bring even more added value.

6. The Ultimate Guide To A Winning Content Marketing Strategy by eLearning Industry

Is it really possible to find new customers using online marketing methods? Can clickbait get your visitors to actually buy something and boost your conversion rates? Is a free-flowing funnel really the best approach to online marketing? What exactly is inbound marketing? Is account-based marketing really a smart move? Can you make Google’s search engine really work for you? Download this free eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more...

7. The Definitive Guide To eLearning Press Releases by eLearning Industry

You’re looking at a comprehensive eBook that contains everything you need to know on crafting quality eLearning press releases. Read and learn what an eLearning press release is, the do’s, don’ts and benefits of it, how to format, polish, and submit it, together with a FAQ and a “how to” walk-through of the process of posting a press release. Download The Definitive Guide To eLearning Press Releases and start optimizing yours. A well-written release has the potential to be published by news outlets across the globe, and you 'll come to agree with that time and time again.

8. The Ultimate Guide To Promoting Your eLearning Event by eLearning Industry

eLearning Event Announcements have the potential to raise awareness about your upcoming function, boost attendance, and build your brand image. Make your next eLearning event a success by promoting it online. In this eBook you will find everything you need to know on how to promote your eLearning event, from formatting all the way to marketing, as well as important Do’s and Don’ts. With all the insight on how and why to format your eLearning event, you will be able to navigate through the whole procedure easier and more effective.

Download our free eLearning Marketing eBooks to get guidance and advice of great use from the best in the field. Entry level or more experienced, there is "must-read" knowledge here in the area of eLearning marketing you shouldn't miss.

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