6 Hidden Benefits Of Promoting An eLearning Event

6 Hidden Benefits Of Promoting An eLearning Event
Summary: Boosting attendance is one of the most notable benefits of marketing an eLearning event. However, there are a variety of other reasons for promoting your next eLearning seminar, webinar, tradeshow, or conference. In this article, I’ll highlight 6 hidden benefits of promoting an eLearning event.

The Hidden Benefits Of Promoting An eLearning Event

Is promoting an eLearning event really worth the investment? That’s the question on the minds of many eLearning event coordinators, especially those who are working on a tight eLearning budget. You want to make the most of your marketing dollar, but you aren’t sure if internet tactics are the way to go. Below you’ll find 6 lesser known benefits of promoting an eLearning event online that may convince you otherwise.

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1. Enhance Your Online Presence

Hosting an eLearning event may be your way of promoting a valuable eLearning product or service. But it's also a great way to build your online presence and brand image. An eLearning event announcement can include SEO keywords that attract new visitors and establish you as an eLearning industry expert. People who are searching for these keywords are already interested in the topic. As such, they are more likely to sign up. These attendees will also see that you took the time to create a polished online announcement that includes pertinent details. You are completely transparent about the benefits you're offering and what attendees will get from the eLearning event experience. So, you aren't just cultivating an online presence, but fostering a positive online reputation. Posting your eLearning event through eLearning Industry gets you in front of more than 500,000 readers, as it's the largest network of eLearning professionals in the world.

2. Drive Traffic To Your Site

Your eLearning event should contain relevant links, in addition to SEO keywords. These links redirect online readers to your website or sign up page. As a result, marketing your eLearning event can even drive traffic to your site, where visitors can learn about your eLearning products and services. The announcement gives them a brief glimpse of what you have to offer. But your site provides them with a complete picture of your brand message, tone, and image. They also have the opportunity to ask questions via your contact form, click on your social media links, and read client testimonials.

3. Improve Your Brand's Bottom Line

Hosting an eLearning event requires time and money. If attendance numbers are low, this could translate into a negative eLearning ROI. On the other hand, a full signup sheet improves your profit margin and makes your efforts worthwhile. There are many expenses that are flat. No matter how many people attend, you still have to pay for the site rental, guest speaker fees, and travel accommodations. If you're hosting an online eLearning event, you must pay for the platform, multimedia production, and all your marketing expenses. Thus, you want to fill those seats, virtual or otherwise, in order to turn a profit. Promoting your eLearning event online allows you to cut your marketing costs AND reach a broader audience. More importantly, an audience who is already familiar with the topic and wants to learn more.

4. Attract Sponsors And Guest Speakers

Finding sponsors and speakers for your eLearning event can be challenging, especially if you're new to the eLearning industry. However, promoting your eLearning event online raises awareness of your brand and the benefits you bring. If you have something unique or valuable to offer, sponsors may want to get in on the action. They pay for a portion of the eLearning event or supply free eLearning products or services. In exchange, you co-brand the marketing materials or allow them to co-host the eLearning event with you. For example, they pay for a portion of your marketing costs and you include their logo on the eLearning event signage. Guest speakers who are well versed on the topic may also find your eLearning event announcement and get in touch. As a result, you can secure notable speakers who wouldn't have known about the opportunity otherwise.

5. Build Your Mailing List

I've already discussed how promotions have the power to drive traffic to your site. But there is a secondary benefit to this that is definitely worth mentioning. eLearning event marketing can help you build your email list, which serves as a valuable promotional tool. Online readers are redirected to your site, where they'll find an email opt-in box. They provide their email address and name. In return, they receive regular updates and special offers. This allows you to build a database of visitors who are already interested in your eLearning products or services. Even if they aren't going to attend your current eLearning event, they may RSVP for an eLearning seminar, webinar, or conference in the future. Essentially, every person on your email list is a prospect. Rather than cold-calling or emailing potential attendees, you can reach out to your established contacts.

6. Expand Your Company's Social Network

This hidden advantage is two-fold. Firstly, you can include social media links in your eLearning event announcement, or, you can simply redirect online readers to your site, where they'll find social media icons or RSS feeds. Then they have the option to share your eLearning event with their network, all of whom are potential attendees. Even if people don't sign up for the eLearning event, they may opt to like or follow your page. As such, they'll learn about upcoming eLearning events and familiarize themselves with your brand.

The second social media benefit is the exposure you'll receive by posting your eLearning Event announcement through eLearning Industry. Our marketing services include free social media promotion and Google Ad promotion. This gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience on a platform they already use on a daily basis.

Online marketing gives you the power to promote your upcoming eLearning event without spending a fortune. With limited resources and a bit of know-how, you can see your attendance rates skyrocket and raise awareness of your brand.

With eLearning Industry events, you have the power to track your marketing effectiveness. Check out our Event Promotion Services page to discover all the benefits online promotion can bring.

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