How To Improve Your Employee Training Experience Using Feedback

Improve Your Employee Training Experience
Summary: Unarguably, one of the steps in delivering effective training to your employees is to first identify their learning goals. After that, you'll need to analyze their needs and then develop learning activities that suit exactly what they are expecting.

Tips To Improve Your Employee Training Experience

While all these processes are relevant, there is one essential element that you must keep in mind to connect the packages and that is "feedback." When it comes to having a better employee training experience, feedback is an incredibly valuable asset.

In case you didn't know, there are lots of reasons why feedback is crucial to your training department. First, it enables you to continuously improve your training offerings. Apart from that, it provides your learners with the opportunity to voice how they feel about the course. Surely, you'll agree that training is a huge investment in your organization, as it's time and money-demanding. By receiving feedback from your employees, you'll also be able to save a lot of time and money in creating irrelevant and ineffective training. That said, here are 5 tips on how you can improve your employee training experience using relevant feedback.

1. Ensure Your Feedback Is Constructive

One way to improve your employee training experience is by providing them with constructive feedback. For instance, say you provide your employees with an assessment in the middle of the course. The aim of it should be to test their knowledge regarding what they've learned so far.

In case you've checked the assessment and found out they are wrong, instead of just telling them that they're wrong, it's best to explain to them why they are wrong, providing them with hints on how they can arrive at the right answer. Furthermore, you can always offer constructive feedback throughout your course duration. The benefit of that is that it ensures that your employees are focused on the course.

Besides that, you can also provide consolidated feedback at the end of the course—just ensure it's relevant and helps your employees improve in terms of their training experience.

2. Consistently Seek Anonymous Feedback

For you to improve your modern employee training experience, another thing that you must consider doing is asking for anonymous feedback. Doing that enables you to receive sincere feedback, which gives you the ability to improve your training and offer your employees a better learning experience.

The fact remains that we are in the digital age where employees are only looking for excitement and engagement in the workplace. In case you're unable to meet these needs, the probability of losing them to other companies is high. As such, you must ensure you receive anonymous feedback regarding your training and improve where necessary. Furthermore, ensure that the feedback is regular to be sure you're delivering the right training that'll help improve the employee experience level.

3. Ensure Feedback Is Encouraging And Relevant

In case you give out assessments and find out your employees are wrong, you can also provide them with relevant feedback illustrating how your learning content will directly have a great impact on their lives. Furthermore, ensure you center your feedback on specific details to avoid confusing them.

In a branching scenario, for example, once your learners make a wrong decision, providing them with feedback and letting them know the consequences of their actions is important. However, ensure you avoid anything that can be heard as blaming or judging, as your aim is only to encourage them, not the other way around.

4. Ensure Feedback Comes At The Right Time

Another way to improve your employee training experience using feedback is by making sure you provide them with instant feedback. In case you don't know, instant feedback is way more efficient as it enables your employees to know exactly where they faltered and where they performed better.

5. Focus On Both Their Strengths And Weaknesses

Certainly, the essence of providing your employees with feedback during your online training is to provide them with a better experience. However, to be able to get the best out of your training, you need to focus on both the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, providing them with relevant feedback promptly. Focusing and providing feedback only based on their weaknesses will leave them less confident as soon as the eLearning course ends.

Although you need to provide them with feedback based on their weaknesses, it's very important to start by letting them know that they are doing well. That way, they won't feel like they are wasting their time and effort. In conclusion, ensure you first provide them with positive feedback before going ahead and letting them know how to get back on track.

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