How Microlearning Is The Key For Enterprise Success

Find Enterprise Success Through Microlearning

Microlearning is being implemented by a number of organizations. The reason behind microlearning’s astounding success in the employee training/Learning and Development sphere is its ability to disseminate short and concentrated information to modern learners while being engaging. It is also focused on specific tasks, queries, and subjects and thus, only imparts relevant information, filtering out irrelevant information and saving time, as well as reducing information overload.

Another reason that makes microlearning such a popular choice for organizations to train their employees is the fact that it is learner-centric and for this reason is desired by learners/employees themselves. It is an important part of learning that had been missing from other past learning strategies for the longest time. In this article, let us discuss the reasons why microlearning is a sure-shot key to enterprise success.

1. Provides Concise Information

As mentioned above, microlearning modules are designed to deal with one particular task and, as each module is no longer than 5 minutes, an employee can learn to perform a particular task by investing just 5 minutes. For example, learning how to perform a certain operation on a particular software or how to behave in a meeting. Also, as a lot of microlearning is video-based, learners can also perform the task side-by-side while watching the video, pausing and unpausing it as required. No other digital learning strategy allows learners to apply the knowledge during training itself.

2. Offers Personalized Learning

Another reason why microlearning brings success to any organization implementing it is the fact that it can be used to offer personalized learning to learners. By surveying the strengths, weaknesses, needs, skills, and interests of every individual learner, and then providing them microlearning content according to these, the organization not only makes the learners happy (as their learning requirements are being met as they want them to be) but also gives them the choice to choose the format in which they wish to consume it (i.e., video, textual, or infographics). When learners learn on their own terms, they absorb and retain knowledge more thoroughly, which is reflected in their performance.

3. Designed To Hold Attention

Modern learners are difficult to train if they are not kept engaged during their training. Microlearning is a successful training strategy that leads to enterprise success due to its ability to use engagement techniques to hold learner attention. These include video-based learning, interactivities, high-definition graphics, gamified microlearning modules, 3D models, as well as Augmented Reality and/or Virtual Reality (AR/VR). These techniques hold learners' attention while keeping them focused on learning content.

4. Can Be Consumed Anytime, Anywhere

Microlearning wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t coupled with mobile learning. Mobile learning and microlearning always go together, which allows microlearning to be consumed by learners anywhere, anytime on their smartphones. This means that employees don't have to take time out of their day (and put off important tasks) in order to learn. They can consume microlearning in their homes, on the commute to the office, or between breaks. Also, the mode or format of learning can be chosen as per the learner’s choice or the situation. For example, learners could listen to the microlearning audio while driving, play a gamified microlearning module during their commute, or watch microlearning videos when they’re at home.

5. Gives All-Time, Instant Access To Learning

Perhaps the best thing about microlearning (among a number of others) is the fact that it can be used for Just-In-Time learning to learn how to perform a task just before its application, and also can be used to reinforce learned concepts just before application. This not only boosts learner retention but makes sure that learners always have a backup to turn to if and when they need to learn new skills or tasks, or revisit learned or old tasks within 5 minutes. Microlearning modules stored in a cloud-based LMS thus act as a learning reservoir that learners can access through their smartphones at any time.

Modern learners can find information on the internet using their smartphones with a few taps. Thus, they are already empowered. However, the internet is an infinite source of information. What they need is information relevant to their job that can be accessed the same way on their smartphones, and microlearning can provide them with that. If an enterprise implements microlearning is such a way, then that enterprise is sure to succeed.

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