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How to build instructional videos

Tutorials are an effective way to deliver how-to knowledge on very well defined subject. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet on virtually any subject, from how to bake bread to how to solve a mathematical problem to how to perform an operation with a particular software.


How to build instructional videos

Tutorial may come as plain text, text and images, slide shows, podcasts or videos. Instructional videos, as defined here, are basically tutorials delivered as talking videos, and are a particularly effective way to share how-to knowledge by letting the vocal comments focus on the logical flow while the pictures help the viewer to fill in the details and reinforce memorization by exploiting visual memory.

This short article is nothing but an introduction to an instructional video that explains a method for building instructional videos that relies on three software tools:

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint,
  2. SlideTalk and
  3. YouTube.

The main goal of this method is to allow authors to focus more on the content and less on the technical aspects of transforming content into talking videos by using specific tools that hide such difficulties. Since this instructional video itself was built using this method, it should also be seen as an example of what the final product of this method could look like.

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