How To Create Courses That Sell Online

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Summary: Are you creating and marketing courses teaching others your expertise? Are you helping your clients to design courses they will market and leverage to grow their business? The “teaching others” business has expanded into a 7 billion industry and the opportunity to apply your e-learning design skills in this market is enormous.

The Difference Between Creating Courses and Creating Courses That Sell Online

I have experienced courses, (some good and a lot of them not-so-good), interviewed the creators of courses generating 6 –figure+ revenue, created 6- and 7-figure courses myself, and in the process identified the universal patterns of success.

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What The Experts Who Generate 6 - and 7 - Figures in Online Course Revenue Do Differently

  1. They solve a very specific problem Instead of “helping people grow their businesses online,” it’s “how to get 10,000 fans of Facebook” Instead of “how to become a better knitter” it’s “learn the best cast-on and bind-off for your lace projects.”Brain Bit:  Our attention decreases after 10 minutes of “learning”. You need to grab your learner's attention every 10 minutes by connecting how what you are sharing solves their problem.
  2. They equip people for creating results Changing behavior isn't easy. Telling is not training. You have to engage people, get them to stick with it and apply the behaviors consistently to get results.Brain Bit: Focus your students on making  1-3 behavior changes to create results and your students’ chance of success is high. Increase that to 4-10 changes and their likelihood of success drops to less than 20%. Go beyond 10 things you want them to do and it is unlikely that they will implement anything.
  3. They provide a system (blueprint, step-by-step, game plan, framework, model) Call it what you want-it's about helping people go faster with a system for creating success over and over.People invest for speed, structure, solid results and synthesis. Help them go faster, show them how to do it, show them what you know how to do and bring all the things together that they need.Brain Bit:  Content organized using a course structure that creates associations between the big ideas will increase retention by 40%.
  4. They recognize the people learn differentlySuccessful courses provide options for students to get what they need in different ways.Brain Bit: There are 4 primary learning styles. The majority of courses miss including appealing content for one or more of these styles.

A course can be the launching pad for a highly profitable online business if you provide an answer to the question your ideal audience is asking in a way that gets them tangible results.I’ll be walking through the steps we use to design and launch successful online courses in a free webinar training (live and recorded). If you are designing courses that you market online, register and join me for a Free Webinar Training, The 7 Steps to Creating and Launching a Profitable Online Course, next Tuesday, March 11 at 1:00 pm Eastern. Here is the link to free webinar training registration page: We will send the recording to anyone who registers.