The Best Platforms To Create And Sell Online Courses In 2024 (Watch List)

The Best Platforms To Create And Sell Online Courses In 2024 (Watch List)
Summary: The creator economy is blooming and edupreneurs want to monetize their knowledge fast and easily. Thus, we decided to help you out with this new top list featuring the best online course platforms for those who want to create and sell courses online!

Create And Sell Online Courses With The Best Online Course Platforms For 2024

Surely, you've noticed that the online course creation industry is making waves. No wonder since more and more people enjoy learning from the comfort of their homes. Consequently, there's great demand for valuable and skill-focused course content. And we have remote work and the digitization of work processes to thank for it. Plenty of course creation platforms have surfaced to fulfill this demand increase. However, with abundance comes confusion. And people like you who want to invest their time and skills into creating an online product are desperately looking for the right tools to get the job done. By choosing one of the best online course platforms to sell and create your courses, you have all you need to present your best work to your ideal audience.

Those looking for passive income know that creating courses can be an excellent source of some extra money. Having a platform that simply hosts courses won't cut it. Thus, edupreneurs have much to gain from using a platform designed to create, market, and sell courses.

Read on as we present a range of eLearning tools to create, market, and grow courses!

Do You Want To Compare The Best Online Course Platforms?
Let us help you find the best LMS to create and sell your online courses. Explore user reviews and top features!

Watch List: The Best Online Course Platforms In 2024 Ranked

The Best Platforms To Create And Sell Online Courses In 2024 (Watch List)

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Rockstar Learning Platform Enables Course Creation And Monetization

Create better learning experiences with ELB Learning. They offer a comprehensive product suite to help you achieve your training goals. Their excellent services will put you at ease, while their LMS enables you to monetize your existing course content.

Get a free account or schedule a demo at

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  • Microlearning Module Builder
  • eCommerce Platform Integrations
  • Easy Management


  • Microlearning Module Builder

Author product training quick guides and microlearning on the fly right inside the Rockstar Learning Platform. Publish to desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

  • eCommerce Platform Integrations

Ready to monetize your content? They have integrations for Shopify, e-Commerce, and Keap, so you can easily sell your courses.

  • Easy Management

Automating enrollment is a piece of cake; you can set recurring training. Feel free to do so for compliance, certifications, and more. Best of all? Single sign-on makes administration so much easier.

Plans and Pricing

Whether managing content for multiple offices around the globe or monetizing courses via eCommerce, Rockstar Learning Platform is an excellent solution. You can request access to a free account or get a customized quote based on your training needs.

4.5/5 (72 reviews)
Easily Develop Interactive, Custom Courses And Monetize Them With Absorb LMS

Create interactive courses for learners inside and outside an organization with Absorb Create, a seamless cloud-based course authoring tool. Monetize your custom courses with Absorb LMS by selling to a global audience.

Start creating your eLearning journey with a free trial.

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  • Course Creation
  • Collaborate From Anywhere
  • Monetize Your Courses


  • Course Creation

Empower your creators by streamlining content creation with customizable templates, easy content import, branching scenarios, PowerPoint conversion, and cost-effective tools.

  • Collaborate From Anywhere

Reliable tools for agile companies to connect teams globally. Boost collaboration with role assignments and real-time feedback. Craft and publish with ease.

  • Monetize Your Courses

Make it easy to sell courses with our fully integrated eCommerce module. From discounts to preferred pricing to a simple tax setup, customize to your eCommerce needs.

Plans and Pricing

Absorb, when it comes to pricing, has a tailored approach. Worry not, as they help you choose the pricing model that fits your learning needs. Plus, if needed, you can take advantage of its add-on modules. With Absorb, you get all the flexibility to choose what you need when you need it.

4.5/5 (13 reviews)
New Age Learning Platform, Empowering With Seamless Integration

A cutting-edge, cost-effective eLearning platform revolutionizing learning with bite-sized microlearning courses. If you need a tool fostering community-driven collaboration through its varied features and seamless integration, this is it. Do you want to explore the ease of creating and hosting courses with limitless knowledge?

Start your learning journey now.

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  • Microlearning
  • Effortless Authoring
  • Seamless Integration


  • Microlearning

This eLearning platform revolutionizes learning with micromodules, breaking content into bite-sized chunks. It's great for focused engagement, knowledge retention, and unparalleled flexibility.

  • Effortless Authoring

KREDO empowers novice authors with intuitive course design akin to working on PowerPoint, fostering creativity and collaboration through social learning and discussion forums.

  • Seamless Integration

A platform that seamlessly integrates with your in-house systems, offering robust APIs for deep data analysis, powerful assessment and gamification tools, memory boosters, and customizable reporting.

Plans and Pricing

KREDO offers a cost-effective learning platform that fosters engagement and knowledge retention. It empowers authors, integrates seamlessly with existing tools, and embraces AR, MR, and VR while promoting professional growth for individuals and teams.

What Criteria Determined Which Platforms Made The Watch List?

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas and our Editorial team, did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the best online course platforms to create and sell online courses based on the following nine criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company's customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company's social responsibility

After exploring who made our watch list featuring the best platforms to create and sell online courses, there are some things you need to consider. Let's see what you should focus on before making your final decision.

Evaluating The Best Online Course Platforms To Create And Sell Online Courses

Are you still wondering which online course platform is best for you?

Maybe you have a passion for teaching or want to grow your audience. Or perhaps you are just looking for ways to earn more cash from your courses. Trust that there's an online course creation platform in this top list to help you achieve your goals.

When evaluating online course platforms, here's what you need to consider:

  • Read user reviews to learn more about the UX
  • Explore all the current features and upcoming updates
  • Be clear about whether the tool allows you to create and sell courses
  • Research each vendor for awards won and success stories
  • Take free trials to see each tool's capabilities with your own eyes

Here are a few steps for when you're about to pick a tool to actually launch your course:

  • Consider your time and budget constraints
  • Understand your current online following
  • Focus on learning more about earning potential

In case you are giving it a first try, I suggest starting with an online course marketplace. Once you've identified which course topic and content would work best for your expertise and audience, you're ready to proceed to launch your own course website. If you want to go big, it's a good idea to sell through both.

Selling On Marketplaces Vs. Self-Hosting Your Courses

To simplify, think of marketplaces as marketing channels that complement your storefront. If you want to build a profitable long-term business, a self-hosted solution might be better. That is if you want full control over branding and pricing.

By hosting your courses on a marketplace, you can tap into a huge student base and leverage the marketplace's marketing efforts (SEO, advertising, etc.). They have credibility and large support communities, but you have no access to your student email addresses and you give up control, as they decide all the rules. Plus, their marketing comes at a high cost, and instructors, at the end of the day, may end up getting to keep from 50% to 25% of each sale.

Opting for self-hosted online course platforms is ideal if you want full control and the benefit of selling on your terms. So, go for it to keep all the revenue, build trust, and get repeat sales.

Summing Up

When you develop amazing eLearning experiences, you want to see them fly off the virtual shelves. Worry not, though, because you can start selling online courses like a pro even if it's your first attempt. Simply choose one of the best online course platforms in this list and you're golden! There are many people out there who want your expertise, and there's even more money to be made. And as soon as you establish your customer base, things will start rolling.

Your online courses are a massive opportunity for extra cash, but they can also serve as a marketing tool if you want to stregthen your connections with clients. From showing people what your brand is about to building strong relationships and watching loyalty and advocacy for your courses hit the roof, we've got you covered.

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