Online Course Marketing Guide: 6 Innovative Ways To Turn Online Learners Into Brand Advocates

Online Course Marketing Guide: 6 Innovative Ways To Turn Online Learners Into Brand Advocates
Summary: Most brand ambassadors are paid to do their job, and they do it well. But in this internet age, are there more creative (and affordable) ways to amass a loyal following? Let’s look at 6 innovative ways to market your eLearning course by converting online learners into brand advocates.

How To Use Online Course Marketing To Turn Online Learners Into Brand Advocates

When you’re marketing an eLearning course, both your active learners and your prospects are already online. All you have to do is reach them. In the “real” world, brand ambassadors could be famous people. You buy what they buy because you admire them, and you want to be like them. But the most powerful brand advocates are ordinary people you relate to on a personal level. You see yourself in them and you sympathize with their struggles. These people voluntarily talk about a product or service because they like it. How can you make them a part of your eLearning course marketing strategy to boost eLearning course sales?

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Online Course Marketing Tips To Boost Your Sales

1. Charm Your Detractors

Many organizations shudder over negative comments and reviews. Some are simply bored netizens who have never even enrolled in your eLearning course. Others are genuinely disgruntled customers. You can’t always tell them apart, so engage them instead. Respond to their negative comment with an apology, but not for the eLearning product/service. Instead, say you’re sorry they’re unhappy and ask follow-up questions. What ruined their experience with your eLearning brand? Low quality? Poor response? Bad timing? If it’s something you can easily fix, fix it. For example, they were unhappy with the quality of the eLearning content or lack of remote accessibility. This will earn you a vocal fan. They were willing to “diss” you in public, so they’ll probably praise you in public, too.

Do your offer a content library with your LMS? Maybe you need more reviews for that. All you have to do is ask users to submit an LMS review.

2. Get Into The Mix

It’s pretty easy to scour social media from brand mentions. You can set up a quick algorithm to alert you whenever someone talks about you. These aggregators can be helpful because online learners don’t always tag you when they discuss your eLearning course. Set aside some time every day (or assign a team member to this duty). When your eLearning brand comes up in a discussion, eavesdrop for a while. This will help you gain context and understand the players a little better. Then jump in with a relevant comment. Become part of the conversation. But remember, this is their party, so be polite, and leave if they ask you to.

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3. Reward, Don’t Bribe

Your aggregator will tell you who’s talking about you and what they’re saying. When you find people that already like your eLearning brand, engage them. Send them special upgrades and discounts that will make them talk about you more. Incorporate them into a program that lets them represent your eLearning brand as an official ambassador. You could also invite them to tour your facilities to get a behind-the-scenes look. Or to livestream the experience, earning you more fans. Pick eLearning ambassadors who are authentic and gel with your eLearning brand. They shouldn’t look like they’re just being paid to do the job.

4. Ask Nicely

“Please RT” is the easiest way to get people to share your content, and the same works with your fans. Ask them to leave you a review, or to tell a friend what they like about your eLearning brand. You could offer them goodies for spreading the word. Tech firms will often give free storage upgrades or extra services if you get your friends to join. When online learners buy from you, follow up to see how (or if) they liked their purchase. Incorporate their feedback into your eLearning course marketing strategy and thank them for it. You could, for example, improve your eLearning course design based on their input and tag them in the social media announcement. That little bit of attention makes them feel valued.

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5. Be Available

One of the phrases service staff hates the most is, “I want to see your manager.” It means the customer is unhappy with the product/service and with how you’re handling the situation. They want to deal with someone else. Someone higher, “more responsible,” and “more competent” than you. This can happen with eLearning courses too. You can solve this matter, both before and after it arises, by offering good customer care. Give multiple channels for online learners and prospects to reach you, like chatbots, social media, email, and phone numbers. They should never feel alone when they’re stuck or have pressing questions about your eLearning course.

6. Gamify Your eLearning Course Marketing Strategy

It isn’t just your eLearning course that can benefit from game mechanics and rewards. You can also gamify your eLearning course marketing strategy to turn online learners into loyal brand advocates. For example, they receive points for every friend or colleague they refer who signs up for your eLearning course. Or they are entered into your monthly giveaway every time they retweet or share your posts. Offer them intangible incentives that reward them for their efforts without putting you over budget. It’s much more cost-effective to integrate a leaderboard or badge-based reward system than to give away money or gift cards. Just make sure to set the ground rules so that online learners know how to earn those coveted points. For instance, clarify that the people they refer must not only attend the free webinar but also sign up for the eLearning course within a week.

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Summing Up

Hiring a brand ambassador can be difficult and expensive. You can’t be sure you have the right person. It makes more sense, both practically and financially, to onboard actual customers and have them market for you. How? If you see a negative review, take the opportunity to redeem yourself. Monitor online discussions regarding your eLearning brand and join in respectfully. Give discounts and freebies to regulars, and if they’re happy with you, ask them to spread the word. Finally, always be there for customers when something goes wrong.

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