How To Design Learning Journeys?

An eBook On How To Design Learning Journeys 

We have just published a new eBook on how to design learning journeys, which we called “Designing Rich Blended Learning With Learning Battle Cards”. It is, in fact, a more in-depth instruction of how to effectively use Learning Battle Cards as an Instructional Design tool (I wrote about this tool here).

The eBook is 36 pages long. From the instructional point of view there are 3 key sections in it:

  • Section 1: Challenges For Instructional Designers.
    In this chapter we briefly discuss several Learning and Development trends which challenge educators. You will find here a short elaboration on multi-generation workplace, prosumers in learning or adaptive learning environments – to mention only a few.
  • Section 2: Design Framework.
    This is the most massive part of the eBook. It shows the Instructional Design map (board) consisting of “7 Windows of Instructional Design”. The board shows 3 areas (Preparation, Delivery, and Conclusion) and 7 spaces (windows) which should be taken into consideration while designing a learning journey. Short description of every single window creates the content of this chapter. We elaborate here about:

    • Window 1: Analysis of Needs.
    • Window 2: Building Awareness.
    • Window 3: Transferring Knowledge.
    • Window 4: Building Skills.
    • Window 5: Shaping Attitudes.
    • Window 6: Successful Implementation.
    • Window 7: Thorough Evaluation.

Board 600x

  • Section 3: The List Of Learning And Development Methods.
    In the last part of the eBook you will find a table with Learning and Development methods which are suggested for use in every single window. We placed them all cards from the deck of Learning Battle Cards (108 altogether) which make out if this table a complex support mechanism for every Instructional Designer (even the ones who don’t have a deck of LBC).

You are very welcomed to download the eBook. You can reach for it here: