How To Make Gen Z Employees Feel More Connected

How To Make Gen Z Employees Feel More Connected
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Summary: What are the must-have features of a modern workplace that's ready to welcome the new generation of employees?

How To Increase Engagement Among Your Gen Z Workforce

Generation Z consists of people born from 1997 to 2012, and they make up 30 percent of the global population. According to statistics, by 2025, 27 percent of the global workforce will be Gen Z employees. Since they're the future of the global market, it's essential to understand their beliefs and characteristics in order to retain them. Since they've grown up around technology, they're more informed and have very different expectations from their employers than their generational predecessors. In this article, we'll explore the many ways that you can make your Gen Z employees feel more connected to their job and how you can create the best environment for them to thrive.

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8 Ways To Make Your Gen Z Employees Feel Engaged

1. Growth And Development Opportunities

Generation Z employees are always on the lookout for learning opportunities and want to constantly learn new skills and languages or take on challenging activities. Your company should provide them with training programs to help them keep up with the latest trends in their field and give them a chance to familiarize themselves with new technologies that will make their professional lives easier. Also, consider mentorship programs that will help your younger employees seek advice from their more experienced colleagues.

2. Flexibility

Remote work opportunities are extremely important for Gen Z employees, as they often prefer jobs that offer flexibility. They also want to be able to manage their own schedule, so make sure to provide them with freedom in their working hours and locations. To do that, you must leverage the right technology and tools. For example, your company should provide them with laptops and operate with cloud-based software and platforms for chatting and video conferencing. Gen Z employees also value personal time, and they value time for their hobbies and friends and family. In addition to flexible work arrangements, try offering them wellness programs, like gym memberships or mental health resources.

3. Collaboration And Inclusivity

Gen Z employees value being part of a team and experiencing a positive work environment, so you should establish team outings, weekly meetings, and other team-building activities that will bond them with their colleagues as much as possible. Also, they need to know that their workplace is inclusive. Celebrate the customs and traditions of your diverse employees, and be supportive of everyone’s background. Additionally, give them space to express themselves and always use inclusive language that respects everyone’s gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and other characteristics. Seeing they work for a company that celebrates every member, they’ll advocate for its success and contribute even more.

4. Purpose And Meaning

As an employer, you should always communicate your company’s mission, vision, and values with your employees to make them aware of what they're working toward. You can start by showing your Gen Z employees how their work contributes to the greater good through volunteering activities, donations, and other ways your team members can give back to their communities. You can also take part in environmental activities, like beach cleanings and reforestation. Encourage them to take the initiative in these kinds of activities by sharing their ideas.

5. Recognition And Reward Programs

Your company needs to recognize employees’ efforts and dedication by giving them performance-based bonuses and other reward programs, all of which are appreciated by Gen Z employees. You can also address their successes at meetings or make recognition posts on the company's social media accounts. You can find many creative ways to congratulate them for their hard work, like giving them extra paid time off.

6. Innovation And Change

Gen Z employees are comfortable with new technologies and are always looking to bring innovation to their lives. So, encourage them to experiment with new ideas and ask them to ignite their creative spark. Also, listen to their insights and let them work on new projects, allowing them to take calculated risks. This way, they won't be afraid to try new things, and your business will benefit from fresh ideas and current industry trends.

7. Social Media

You should use social media platforms to share company updates, news, and posts about employee achievements to attract a dynamic Gen Z audience. Your younger employees are typically more active on social media, and they can use these platforms to communicate with their coworkers, promote your brand, or even share feedback and opinions. They may even share the company’s posts on their personal profiles or show their followers a piece of their work, which is a great way to attract potential job candidates in their social networks.

8. Fun Onboarding Process

You can engage your Generation Z employees even before their first day on the job through an interactive onboarding experience. For instance, provide videos, gamified training, and microlearning modules to get them up to speed. You can also create a dedicated hashtag on the company’s social media accounts for your employees to share information there.


Generation Z has high standards when it comes to their employment, and they don’t settle for less. After all, they are going to account for the majority of your employees in the future, so you should understand their unique needs and address them. You can use the above tips to help them be more connected to your business and keep them in your workforce for years to come.