Using An Online Directory To Choose The Best LMS For Training Companies

How To Use An Online Directory For LMSs
Summary: There’s so much LMS ground to cover and so little time. How do you find a platform that fuels sales and simplifies online training content maintenance? Here are 8 top tips for using an online directory to choose the best LMS for training companies.

Find The Right LMS Through An Online Directory

Sure, some online directories are biased. They are full of sponsored reviews and exaggerated ratings that defeat the purpose. You’re there to see which Learning Management Systems are worth your hard-earned company cash. The secret is to find a reliable source of information, an exclusive LMS online directory that offers an honest look at the top choices in your price range. Then you must know how to use this valuable research tool to quickly eliminate options and find hidden gems you’ve overlooked. These 8 tips can help you select the ideal LMS for training companies, courtesy of an online directory.

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Building Your eLearning Brand 101: Tips To Choose And Implement An LMS For Training Companies That Exceeds Your Expectations
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1. Identify Key LMS Selling Points Before Starting The Search

What does your training company need to maximize resource allocation and deploy online training content? Which eCommerce features are you looking for to facilitate sales and streamline checkout? You must prioritize selling points beforehand, as these narrow the LMS search scope. The eLearning Industry directory has built-in filters you can use to quickly omit/add certain features. For example, only display training company LMS solutions with gamification support or report scheduling.

2. Evaluate The Pricing Options

Every LMS listing has a detailed pricing overview of the payment model, licensing type, and starting price range. You can also determine if the LMS vendor offers a free trial or demo. Of course, this requires an accurate budget on your part. What can you afford and which pricing model is best for your business case? For example, a subscription-based service might be ideal for training companies who can’t afford high start-up costs. Some listings also have pricing specs, such as the minimum number of users or if a credit card is required.

3. Scope Out The Support Services

Does the LMS vendor offer 24/7 support? Is there an online FAQ to help you troubleshoot the most common challenges? Or a knowledge base that features videos, online training tutorials, and other free online training resources? Pay close attention to the support services to see if they align with your online training needs. Inexperienced teams may prefer toll-free numbers, live chats, and user forums to improve functionality. This also helps cut costs, in that you don’t necessarily have to hire IT experts for the LMS implementation.

4. Look For Reviews With A Similar Use Case

Unlike many online review sites—especially those that are paid—eLearning Industry’s directory features honest opinions backed by user information. You can quickly see their use case, experience with the eLearning tool, industry, and size of their staff. Online reviews with a similar use case offer insight into how the eLearning tool will perform in your training company. What are the pros and cons you need to consider? Are the downsides relevant to your business objectives or can you overlook them? Do the advantages align with your priorities?

5. Break Down The Overall Satisfaction Score

The LMS for training companies directory provides an overall satisfaction score. In fact, you can sort results to view the highest-ranked solutions first to save yourself some time. However, there are other scores to factor into the equation. What is the usefulness rating? Did the LMS vendor deliver in terms of Customer Experience? Is the eLearning tool easy to use? Would the user recommend the platform?

6. Analyze Their Features Checklist

Every LMS online directory listing includes a comprehensive list of product features ranging from support learning types and user roles to shopping cart and security. See which platforms offer the best return on your investment based on the USPs I mentioned earlier. You should also get your team involved and ask them to compile a list of essential features and functions they use daily. Which features are missing from your current LMS? Are there new functions you need to expand your market reach? In addition, many LMS vendors provide screenshots or video clips of their platform. Instead of just reading about their UI or features, see them in action. For instance, the image of the LMS dashboard highlights its layout and pinned reports.

7. Compare Your Top 3 Choices

Choose up to 3 training company LMS providers and compare their products side-by-side. You’re able to see where they fall short and how they stand out from the competition. This comparison of the eLearning tools covers everything from pricing to performance review. Then you can get more info from the LMS vendor or get a free quote right away. If you’re on the fence about which eLearning tool to buy, a free comparison might be just the tie-breaker you need.

8. See Which LMS Solutions Are Trending For Training Companies

At the top of the online directory, you’ll find the top 3 trending Learning Management Systems. These are the LMS for training companies that have garnered recent attention and may be worth your consideration. Some of these LMSs have earned their spot thanks to the top 20 lists. For example, they offer the best User Experience or value for money. Learning Management Systems that received the highest number of votes display a badge on their listing.

An LMS online directory is the best way to research the top options in one central location. All the information is gathered for you, but you must know what to look for and how to screen LMS candidates. If you don’t have time to search the online directory for the best LMS for training companies, consider a free consultation. You’ll receive LMS recommendations based on your corporate eLearning project scope, budget, and other criteria. It just takes a few minutes and some basic information to get your personalized list.

Finding the ideal LMS for your organization is a must when you need to employ an effective online training strategy with maximum ROI. The eBook Building Your eLearning Brand 101: Tips To Choose And Implement An LMS For Training Companies That Exceeds Your Expectations will help you discover everything you need to know when opting for an LMS for training companies in order to achieve your business objectives.