Imparting Product Training Online: 5 Useful Media
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5 Useful Media For Product Training Online  

Many companies are using the online medium to meet the demands for quick delivery of effective product training. Today, thanks to various rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire, and so on, a 60 minute online training module can be created in just 3 weeks.

In this article, we will look at 5 very useful media to deliver effective product training online:

  1. eLearning courses.
  2. Webinars.
  3. eBooks.
  4. Videos.
  5. Mobile apps.

Let us have a closer look at each one of them.

  1. eLearning courses
    Several firms use eLearning courses to impart effective product training. Highly effective product training can be delivered online, in an engaging manner, using instructional techniques such as interactivities and simulations.
  2. Webinars
    Webinars are very useful to educate learners about a product. They hold the attention of people for longer periods of time. Furthermore, live webinars can be recorded and provided on demand. They can also be translated into multiple languages to reach global audiences. For instance, one of our clients, a large pharmaceutical company, uses webinars to explain the features and benefits of its products to physicians worldwide.
  3. eBooks
    eBooks are the perfect tools to provide comprehensive training on products. Interactive eBooks can be developed using tools such as FlipBook Maker in quick time, easily. Many organizations deliver product manuals and brochures in the form of eBooks. For instance, a leading bio-medical equipment manufacturer provides user manuals in the form of interactive eBooks.
  4. Videos
    Videos go a long way in explaining the functioning of products effectively. They are very useful to demonstrate the working of a product when it cannot be demonstrated live. Many organizations use videos to educate learners about the features of their products, their advantages, their handling and any precautionary measures that need to be followed while using them. For instance, a consumer electronics giant uses videos to educate its customers on its washing machines.
  5. Mobile apps
    We live in the mobile age. Highly effective product training can be delivered through mobile devices using apps. Several companies use mobile apps to deliver Just-in-Time (JIT) support to their sales personnel. Consider the following scenario: A salesman of an insurance company is interacting with a potential customer and trying to sell a motor vehicle insurance product. The customer poses certain questions about the product. The salesman accesses a mobile app on his iPhone and gets the required information. He answers the customer’s question clearly, and the latter buys the product.

Thus, we see that the five media -eLearning courses, webinars, eBooks, videos, and mobile apps- are very useful to impart effective product training online. Hope you find the post informative. Do share your views.

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