9 Insider Secrets To Promote Your Next eLearning Event On Social Media

9 Insider Secrets To Promote Your Next eLearning Event On Social Media
Summary: Are you trying to promote your upcoming eLearning event on a tight budget? In this article, I’ll share 9 insider secrets to promote your next eLearning event on social media.

How To Promote Your eLearning Event On Social Media: 9 Insider Secrets Revealed

Most people spend a significant amount of time on social media. Thus, it’s only natural that sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube provide golden marketing opportunities. They even give you the power to promote your eLearning event to a niche audience who is more likely to RSVP. But how do you use these social networking tools to your advantage? The following 9 tips can help you promote your eLearning event on popular social media platforms.

1. Host A Live Pre-Event Video

Schedule a live promo video on YouTube or Facebook where you can field questions and generate interest in your upcoming eLearning event. You can even hold a live raffle or contest for attendees, with a free ticket as the grand prize. Record the promo video so that everyone can share it with contacts who may want to book their own spot.

2. Develop An Exclusive Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page that’s solely intended for promoting the eLearning event. Post a new question, discussion topic, or guest speaker tip leading up to the big day. This also gives attendees a platform to share their thoughts and build the excitement. You can even provide links to supplemental eLearning courses or other online resources that participants may purchase as add-ons. For example, a printable companion guide that features insider advice or a helpful resource list.

3. Create A Companion Hashtag

Brainstorm creative but memorable taglines or keywords for your eLearning event. Then transform them into catchy Twitter hashtags. Attendees use the hashtag to talk about the eLearning event beforehand and spread the word among their network. The hashtag also allows them to discuss ideas during and after the eLearning event, which enhances interactivity. Hashtags ensure that all your communications are in one place. As a result, you can view feedback and respond to user comments more quickly.

4. Schedule A Live Q&A

Host a live Q&A on your Facebook or Twitter page to appease concerns and increase attendance. For example, some people may be interested in your eLearning event because they want to accomplish a goal. But they aren’t sure if the discussion topics will address their specific needs or areas for improvement. They’re able to bring this up during the live Q&A, which might even help others make their final decision.

5. Create An Event Announcement

Create a Facebook event and post it on your company page. This feature allows you to showcase the guest speakers, topics, and benefits of attending your upcoming eLearning event. Attendees also have the opportunity to RSVP directly and purchase tickets via your site or leave a comment talking about how excited they are so that others are more likely to sign up. After all, enthusiasm is contagious.

6. Post Sneak Peek Pics On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most overlooked social media marketing platforms. However, it’s a great way to engage prospects visually and grab their attention. Post video clips or pictures of a previous eLearning event or your prep process. For example, setting up the venue or meeting with guest speakers. You can also invite past attendees to send in their photos so that people can see what they’re missing out on. In your description, don’t forget to link to the eLearning event sign-up page so that people can book their place.

7. Host A Giveaway Or Contest

Announce a giveaway or contest on your social media page to promote your eLearning event. Followers must share the post and leave a comment to enter. The prize can be anything from a free eLearning eBook or gift card to a VIP ticket to your eLearning event, complete with a backstage pass where they meet the guest speakers. Make sure to clearly outline the rules so that people know how to enter. For example, they must like and share the original post on their Facebook profile, but they can also include links on their own blog or website to get multiple entries.

8. Post Speaker Bios And Discussion Points

Showcase a different guest speaker every week including their experience, backgrounds, and area of eLearning expertise. You can also invite them to host a discussion board on your eLearning blog or site. Another option is highlighting a new discussion point every day so that attendees know what to expect. For example, post a thought-provoking statistic to your Facebook page that you’ll explore during the eLearning event. Followers can ponder the stat in the meantime and gauge their own opinions. They are more likely to engage with the host when they prepare beforehand and have time to formulate their thoughts. These sneak previews also generate more excitement for the eLearning event and increase signups because people know what they’re getting into. For instance, the guest speakers are well-respected experts in their field who can offer unique insights.

9. Start A Closed Social Media Group

A closed social media group provides a more private place for attendees to gather and share their opinions. Only those who purchase a ticket can attend the event. As such, group members are more likely to share similar goals or objectives. This makes for engaging online conversations and free-flowing information exchange. A closed group is a great perk for increasing signups, especially if you post exclusive resources and insights. For example, a downloadable checklist that includes everything attendees need to bring to the eLearning event.

Filling those seats is the only way to ensure that you get a good return on your investment. These 9 insider tips can help you promote your next eLearning event even if you’re short on time and resources. There’s also the option to hire a marketing expert who can enhance your online presence and achieve maximum exposure.

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