Learn, Play, Repeat: Using Games For Spaced Learning [eBook Launch]

Learn, Play, Repeat: Using Games For Spaced Learning [eBook Launch]
Summary: Looking for ways to make the information stick? Download this eBook for top tips to use games for spaced learning.

How To Use Games For Spaced Learning To Beat The Forgetting Curve

Busy schedules, heavy workloads, and on-the-job distractions are just a few of the obstacles your employees must overcome when trying to expand their knowledge. So, how do you get over the forgetting curve and help your learners retain information? This eBook explores how to design effective spaced learning sessions that leverage games to improve engagement and real-world application.

eBook Release: Learn, Play, Repeat: Using Games For Spaced Learning
eBook Release
Learn, Play, Repeat: Using Games For Spaced Learning
By leveraging training games, in repetitive, short, spaced-out sessions you can boost recall and minimize knowledge loss.

Why Games Get Learners Fully Engaged And Provide Unforgettable Experiences

Who can resist a good game that gets their mental gears turning and turns a (possibly) dull training topic into something fun and entertaining? You can't deny the power of gaming, especially in L&D environments. Games have the power to hold learners' attention and put everything into context. This eBook shows you how games can be used in spaced learning programs to lighten the cognitive load and improve information retention for your remote teams.

About This eBook

How do you get employees involved before the training fun begins? What should you do during the training session to make it more relatable and engaging? Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find in this guide:

  • Designing effective spaced learning sessions: We can improve recall if we revisit/repeat info in multiple, spread-out sessions.
  • Using games for spaced practice: You only have a few minutes to train—would you rather read a training document or play a learning game?
  • Before a training session: Explore quick, fun ways to motivate people to engage with your content before the session begins.
  • During a training session: Discover how to use games as icebreakers, tell relatable stories, and repeat and practice skills.
  • After a training session: How can you motivate learners to re-engage after a training session?

How To Get Your Copy

Download the eBook Learn, Play, Repeat: Using Games For Spaced Learning today for insider tips to improve knowledge retention and improve learner engagement.