LearnDash Bringing Tin-Can API To WordPress

Enter LearnDash

I first heard about LearnDash a while back when exchanging a few with the founder, Justin Ferriman (who happens to write for eLearningIndustry).  In a nutshell, LearnDash allows any WordPress site owner to upload the LearnDash plugin and instantly transform their site into a learning management system.  Administrators can easily create courses, lessons, and quizzes – and even automatically administer certificates to those who pass a quiz… all pretty cool.

But more importantly, LearnDash also has incorporated the Tin-Can component into their system. From what I have read on their site, they are rolling out Tin-Can in phases.

The first phase is to incorporate a Learning Record Store (LRS) to house Tin-Can statements.  From my conversations with Justin, this piece has already been done with the assistance of SaltBox Services and their cloud based LRS. So, using a tool like Articulate Storyline, you could publish your learning modules to LearnDash’s record store.  But it’s the second phase is where it really starts to get interesting!

Justin has told me that in Phase II, LearnDash will organically generate Tin-Can statements and send them to the LRS.  In fact, they are currently developing this feature, which is set to launch in the not-so-distant future.  What this essentially means is that as users interact on your WordPress site, statements will be generated and sent to the record store so you can run reports on their learning… very exciting!

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out LearnDash, and the LearnDash blog. I also have no hesitation in recommending LearnDash as a modern learning management system.  In fact, they are running a 30% of launch promotion (expires Feb.18), so if you hurry you’ll get in at a great price.

Stay tuned for more information about LearnDash.

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