How The Learning Engagement Platform Solves The Learning Engagement Dilemma

How The Learning Engagement Platform Solves The Learning Engagement Dilemma
Summary: Learning engagement: The no1 problem of L&D professionals. Is the Learning Engagement Platform the solution?

The Learning Engagement Dilemma And How The Learning Engagement Platform Will Solve It

It’s no secret that the number one pain point for Learning and Development professionals is lack of engagement, with a whopping 66% [1] saying that they fail at getting workers to engage with corporate learning suites. Not only has this lead to an understandable amount of frustration, but it’s started to cause CEOs and CFOs to focus more attention on how to properly measure ROI of L&D initiatives. And, unfortunately, the existing numbers are dim: only 8% can demonstrate the impact of L&D initiatives with the business.

Unfortunately, ROI is nearly impossible to prove without achieving quantifiable engagement numbers. And it is for this reason that the market is shifting its focus on productivity, with the belief that engagement will lead to productivity, which will lead to ROI – giving HR leaders the tangible numbers they need in order to earn a seat at the table.

You can see how this is a bit of a predicament: L&D leaders need to prove hard ROI in order to get budget approval, but current training programs aren’t delivering engagement numbers. This dilemma couldn’t come at a worse time, as learning has never been more integral to the success of a business in 2018.

Cue the Learning Engagement Platform, or LEP.

What Is A Learning Engagement Platform?

The Learning Engagement Platform was recently introduced by Gartner, Josh Bersin, Weiss, Diaz, and others as a recommended addition to the learning suite within HCM space. Not to be confused with an LMS, the LEP is an interactive learning engagement solution that focuses on delivering engagement for the benefit of the whole organization, whereas LMSs are more focused on automation and administration.

There’s a growing interest from the market as we’re starting to see more and more enterprises expecting an entire interactive learning experience, involving not only learners but also training managers and Subject Matter Experts. The LEP category seeks to make learning an ongoing, engaging process that makes it easy for trainers and experts to share knowledge, and for learners to continually learn and freshen up skills on the go. Corporate learning, with the help of the LEP, can expect to reshape into an integral contributor to employee engagement company-wide.

If you want to learn more about how the Learning Engagement Platform can help you increase learning engagement, check the webinar How The LEP Is Disrupting The Digital Learning Market Now And Why You Should Care As An L&D Professional.


[1] 3 Marketing Lessons for Learning & Development

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