8 Benefits Of Investing In A Learning Management System

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Summary: An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Whether you’re running an eLearning business, training professionals, or looking for ways to equip your employees with a great L&D program, you need a reliable Learning Management System (LMS) to create the best possible learning experience for your learners.

LMS Software Solutions

Here’s how an LMS can boost your ROI and drive your organization forward. These are the top 8 benefits of investing in a Learning Management System.

1. Centralized And Easily Manageable Knowledge

Every LMS provides a centralized way of managing eLearning materials within an organization. Having your content stored and controlled from the same place allows you to create courses with ease and access information on an on-need basis, wherever you are. Without centralization, organizations must resort to outdated storage and management techniques, which increases the risk of losing invaluable data and sensitive documents. This is detrimental to every organization’s know-how as well as to its overall growth.

2. 24/7 Access To Courses And eLearning Content

As a centralized hub for storing and organizing educational content, a Learning Management System can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 24/7 availability and on-the-go access are guaranteed to both educators and learners, thanks to cloud computing. This offers eLearning and L&D professionals alike an opportunity to collaborate on courses and work on educational material remotely. Unlimited access is given to learners as well, as they can take courses and study eLearning materials via smartphones and tablets.

3. Staying On Top Of Every Learner’s Performance

All the best LMS software solutions come with built-in features for real-time performance tracking. These tools enable educators, course creators, and training instructors to stay on top of every learner's progress over the course of their eLearning programs. This gives them an opportunity to provide real-time guidance and address their learners’ points of confusion as soon as they occur. In addition, performance tracking is a useful tool for determining course effectiveness and discovering and bridging knowledge gaps. If there’s anything that your eLearning program may be lacking, your LMS software will make sure that you notice the oversight and improve your courses in due time. Thanks to this two-fold purpose, performance tracking may be the most valuable LMS capability.

4. Cutting L&D Costs

Training courses are expensive. When planning your organization’s knowledge-management budget, you must take into account everything from the cost of printing out learning materials to booking a hotel room for your corporate training instructor. Even though a reliable Learning Management System cannot be obtained for free, it still provides everything you need for preparing and deploying online courses and training programs at a single price. What’s more, this comprehensive solution comes with a huge ROI.

5. Time-Efficient Approach To All L&D Programs

According to a Brandon Hall Study, eLearning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time in comparison to traditional training in a classroom setting. The online learning environment introduces workplace-friendly techniques such as microlearning and mLearning. Cutting-edge LMS software solutions are designed with these techniques in mind. Instead of lengthy courses, they allow you to create bite-sized modules that can be completed within minutes, a couple of times a day. This way, microlearning maintains the learners’ focus. mLearning, on the other hand, saves time by making courses mobile-responsive. The ability to access eLearning material via a smartphone or a tablet additionally boosts time-efficiency, as learners can take courses during their lunch break or while traveling to work.

6. Ease Of Use, Flexibility, And Real-Time Scalability

With the same ability being aimed at educators and course creators, investing in a Learning Management System also means that your organization’s eLearning programs will always remain up-to-date with the latest findings, scientific research, and industry trends. That’s how ease of use and flexibility of LMS software solutions ensure the real-time scalability of your online courses. Cloud computing enables you to update educational content at any given moment and deploy the improved versions mere minutes after.

7. Personalized And Social Learning Experiences

Real-time performance tracking is extremely useful for another reason, it allows your LMS software to generate data about learners, which then equips your organization with insights into their individual learning habits, styles, and preferences. Using this LMS software data, your L&D professionals, course creators, and training instructors can personalize learning paths and cater to the diverse needs of your learners. Needless to say, such personalization leads to higher engagement and better retention. If data shows that some of your learners perform better when studying in a group as opposed to taking courses in isolation, your Learning Management System can help you integrate social learning experiences into their personalized learning paths too.

8. Easier Way To Meet Compliance Regulations

A Learning Management System also allows your organization to keep up the pace with current compliance regulations. As you already know, these regulations are more than guidelines, choosing not to follow them can lead to expensive penalties. Also, compliance laws are always changing. Since they are being updated all the time, staying on top with the recent changes can be somewhat difficult. It’s much easier for organizations to meet compliance regulations with an LMS software solution.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t cost much to invest in a Learning Management System, especially when you consider what this comprehensive solution has to offer. Boasting more benefits than we can count, LMS software tools help organizations grow in a healthy, knowledge-driven way.

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