Learning Management Systems (LMS) Comparison Checklist Of Features

Learning Management Systems Comparison Checklist of Features
Summary: Are you looking for a new Learning Management System? Would you be interested in a LMSs comparison checklist? At the following article you will find a list of 99 LMS features that you can use to compare LMS Vendors.

Learning Management Systems Comparison: The Ultimate Checklist of Features

At the eLearning Industry we see an increasing number of LMS vendors that continuously strengthen and improve their LMS solutions. However, with some many LMS providers and 1000+ of LMS solutions at the global eLearning market it is really hard to find the Best LMS solution that fits your specific requirements.

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What Are The Most Important Features In A Learning Management System?

Important LMS features depend on your specific requirements. For example, an LMS solution that is successful for a University it does not mean that it will be successful for a large organization. This is why I listed the 99 LMS features in alphabetical order and not in an importance order.

Also, I would like to encourage you to leave a comment with the most important LMS features based on your opinion. I am not interested in comments that simply mention a LMS vendor. I am extremely interested to read what you consider as important LMS features and why?

Since I have seen an increased interest for cloud-based LMSs, I created The Ultimate List of Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems that is continuously updating.

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99 LMS Features That You Can Use To Compare LMS Vendors

  1. Administration
  2. Administrative Reporting
  3. Assessment Tools Built in
  4. Authentication & Security
  5. Authoring - Courses
  6. Authoring - 3D Simulation
  7. Authoring - Gamification
  8. Authoring - mLearning
  9. Authoring - PowerPoint Conversion
  10. Authoring - Serious Game
  11. Authoring - Storyboarding
  12. Blended/Hybrid Learning
  13. Career Tracking
  14. Certification Management
  15. Certification Tracking
  16. Classroom Management
  17. Collaboration Management
  18. Competency Management
  19. Compliance - 3rd Party Authoring Tools
  20. Compliance - 3rd Party Teleconferencing Tools
  21. Compliance - Tin Can API
  22. Compliance -  AICC
  23. Compliance Management
  24. Compliance - SCORM
  25. Conferencing
  26. Content Library
  27. Content Management
  28. Course Catalog
  29. Course Interactivity
  30. Coursework Grading
  31. Custom Learning Vocabulary
  32. Custom User Interface
  33. Customizable Branding
  34. Customizable Fields
  35. Customizable Functionality
  36. Customizable Reporting
  37. Data Import/Export
  38. Data Management
  39. Development Tracking
  40. Document Management
  41. eCommerce
  42. eLearning Management
  43. Event Management
  44. Exam Engine
  45. Goal Setting / Tracking
  46. Individual Development Plans
  47. Installation (Hosted, Local, Saas, Cloud)
  48. Instructor Led Classes
  49. Instructor Scheduling
  50. Job Hierarchies
  51. LCMS
  52. Legacy System Integration
  53. Licensing (Free, Trial, Open Source, Paid)
  54. Live Video Presentations
  55. Locations Served
  56. Maintance (Backups, etc)
  57. Mobile Access
  58. Multi-Currency
  59. Multi-Language
  60. Multi-Lingual Courseware
  61. Multi-Lingual User Interface
  62. Multi-Organization Structures
  63. Multimedia Environment
  64. Multiple Delivery Formats
  65. Notifications - Email
  66. Notifications - SMS
  67. Offline Learning
  68. Online Learning
  69. Registrar Enrollment
  70. Performance Assessment
  71. Perpetual Licence
  72. Platform
  73. Podcast Management
  74. Registration Management
  75. Reporting
  76. Resource Management
  77. Self-Enrollment
  78. Self-Paced
  79. Self-Registration
  80. Single Sing On
  81. Skills Assessment
  82. Skills Tracking
  83. Social Learning
  84. Software Development Kit
  85. Student Management
  86. Student Portal
  87. Student Self Service
  88. Student Tracking
  89. Survey Management
  90. Term License
  91. Test Building
  92. Test Scoring
  93. Testing
  94. Training Metrics
  95. Training Tracks
  96. User Access Controls
  97. Users Size Served
  98. Virtual Classes
  99. Waiting Listing

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